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(C02&3) Sunday SAFRA Mount Faber Morning Game 7:00 to 9:00am High Intermediate
• Time: 7:30am to 9:00am • Day : Every Sunday • Court : 2 & 3 • Venue : SAFRA Mount Faber • Cost: $5/player • Maximum : 12 players (2 Courts) • Level : High Intermediate and advance are welcome • shuttles : RSL Supreme Terms & Conditions: • Competitive badminton game, if you are lacking behind of footwork and skill or playing experience,please SMS me before you join or else you you are not allow to join although you are came to the court,willing to cover senior age partner to makes perfect double game's match. • This is private group,in future if you are regular player ,no need through meetup RVSP only need sms me when you wish to join. SAFRA Mount Faber Your are welcome to join our social media: Facebook Page: Twitter : Instagram : Official Website :

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Safra Mount Faber

2 Telok Blangah Way Singapore 098803 · Singapore

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ST Badminton Academy 2018

Welcome to home of ST Badminton Academy. We are mostly located in central of Singapore especially for adult badminton training. Adult badminton training mostly to correct your bad habit and build your proper basic skill instead anyhow play easily to get injured. also help you to get out from your own world to know the real badminton is more fun than standing there to hit shuttlecock. ST Badminton Academy are nothing special ,just that we love to explore new thing in adult badminton training but not copy other training method,useless. Our coach conduct coaching not because of earn money. We can see all around Singapore damn more coach they thought only teach you footwork or how to hit shuttle all "agak agak" so they can take your money with responsible,in fact as a professional and experience coach they know to build a perfect badminton player are not that easy.

National player , Ex National Player bla bla

Some of the training shown indicate the coach are ex national player ,sea game representative player or etc. To tell people this are good to hear ,in reality you can absorb how much from them and how much they can make you learn the skill from them are different. So we don't do stupid thing ,as we have a whole training method to let you from beginner pick up until advance level even you stuck there we able to dig you from that hole and climb to next level from the badminton training. We hate to let you stay with us more than 3 years by learn nothing, for other coach they happy if you learn slow ,they can build stable income. For us we don't wish to be like this,your that small money can't make us feel excited ,so if you able to learn faster we are more happy about it.

Don't give yourself too much excused

So if you decided to join us ,please make up your mind and learn hard. Don't half way give up and come out with so many excuse,we don't have another 10 years to wait ,human maximum 70 years flexibility in sport only. Badminton is fasted game in the world,so learn from earlier age. We don't need your that money to cover coach time but we need your hardworking in the training.

If you are lazy type person

In our group all trainee you will not able to find any lazy type person. If you are lazy please don't join because you will feel awkward. Because everyone we keep all done their training more than what you think. You can join those normal training as pay money buy coach time that type,you don't want to hardworking they also close one eyes one as long as promise pay money after the training. They willing to coach you no worry so many coach around Singapore waiting for you. But if your skill are not good but very hardworking person ,don't shy , welcome. We are straight forward person, we don't bluff each other, if you don't work hard you come training for what? if you are lazy type just go find those lazy type coach ,happy ending.

Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar (Principal Head Coach)

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We were created with an intention to teach the fundamentals as well as instill a strong work ethic in all of our players. We aim to do this through high intensity drills that translate into realistic game play. We don’t simply teach moves; we also teach why each move, drill or skill is effective to help all of our players gain a deeper understanding.

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