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Okay, so the formula is simple: Meetup in the evening, bring a friend, and enjoy running some very scenic local trails at night with big views of the night sky, city lights below, and tons of cool things to see along the way. Add some adventure to your boring work out routine and maybe meet some radical trail folk! Steep, tough climbs will be mixed into the schedule for those interested in building some good mountain legs. We are not fast runners at all, we are cruisers out for a killer workout, but wanting to stay together as a group and making sure everyone is feeling good and comfortable with the pace. We crave big wind swept ridges above the city, muddy creek crossings, encounters with coyotes, owls and bats, and cold summit beers.

Trails are typically 3-6 miles and take 1-2 hours.

Trails are in Azusa, Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Claremont, and Chino.

Bigger weekend trips will include Baldy area and mountains in the ANF.

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Night Trail and Lake Run.

1615 McKinley Ave

Required... 1. Ready to run, not a hike. 2. Headlamp or flashlight. 3. Fully charged cell phone. 5. Tell somebody where you'll be. Type: Loop Mileage: 6 miles Elevation: Mild rolling hills ----Safety & Responsibilities---- Parking tickets, citations, trespassing, etc are your responsibility. Know how to take care of yourself, your safety is your own responsibility. Event organizers are not responsible in any way for your safety, law enforcement issues, fees or citations, injuries, or anything else during or related to any events. Stay with the group. We generally know where we’re going, but occasional route finding, detours and corrections are a normal part of hiking (bonus miles!!). Normal trail hazards: Getting lost, injured, falling down cliffs, rockfall, floods, mountain lions, coyotes, rattlesnakes, hobos, cholos, loose dogs, hypothermia

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Claremont Night Run Above the City Lights

North Mountain Avenue

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