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Software Engineering - Dynamic Programming

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The SGV Software Engineering group, is a group of devs, admins, hardware hackers, seeking seeking to write more maintainable and robust code. And hopefully we can avoid the dreaded, "who wrote this!", only to have Git blame to say it was us.

At this month's meeting of the SGV SWENG group,
Jaime will going over "Everything I Suck At (Dynamic programming)".
We generally give ~15 minutes give every a chance to get in a drink or food order before we start the presentation (No purchase is required). As part of building one another to become better engineers, we encourage members to bring code they are working and to participate in peer reviews after the presentation.

Taking the first step at being sorta good. Approaching algorithms can be a difficult endeavor for many including myself. In what I hope will be an enlightening experience for me and you, I will be exploring a topic of difficulty for myself.

I will quickly introduce some types of algorithms. I will then define and explore one generic approach called Dynamic Programming. It is a common and often very powerful tool when designing an algorithm. A difficulty with DP is that it may require a bit of creativity and insight but it can lead to an efficient algorithm. It is an framework that is good for problems that can be broken down to sub-problems, often used for optimization. We will go through a couple problems and hopefully we will walk away with another framework in our toolbelt.

SGVTech Slack Channel: #sweng