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Software Engineering - Rebasing in Git

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The SGV Software Engineering group, is a group of devs, admins, hardware hackers, seeking seeking to write more maintainable and robust code. And hopefully we can avoid the dreaded, "who wrote this!", only to have Git blame to say it was us.

At this month's meeting of the SGV SWENG group,
Tommy will be presenting on Git. We generally give ~15 minutes give every a chance to get in a drink or food order before we start the presentation (No purchase is required). As part of building one another to become better engineers, we encourage members to bring code they are working and to participate in peer reviews after the presentation.


Git is a very popular version control system, and is a part of many software engineers' daily lives.

With Git's distributed nature, full control of the repository is possible, especially within a branch that is cut from the "mainline".

Rebasing is an advanced feature of Git that yields a cleaner commit history, which will in turn make the life of the person reviewing your code and/or merging your branch easier.

Concepts covered will include:
- How Git organizes commits
- The journey of commits as they are made
- Basic commands for displaying commits
- "Rebasing", which you may find yourself doing more often ;-)

SGVTech Slack Channel: #sweng