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Taught by Stacey Gibbons and Jonathan Hammond (Faculty of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide)

Where: Center for Spiritual Living
When: Friday, May 5 - Evening with Llyn Roberts (Healing with Nature)
Saturday and Sunday, May 6 and 7 (Shamanic Reiki l and ll Training)

Tuition – $275.00

Click to register for Shamanic Reiki 1 & 2 Certification - http://www.spiritualliving.org/ShamanicReiki/

Course Description:

Shamanic Reiki blends the timeless wisdom of two ancient healing traditions with new approaches and practical teachings.

We are all capable of practicing Reiki, and in this highly experiential weekend we practice simple, yet powerful, techniques that join Reiki together with intuitive approaches from diverse Shamanic cultures. Over the course of the workshop, we:

- Receive the Reiki Level One and Two attunements to activate and empower our innate ability to heal

- Practice self-healing methods and intuitive strategies for the transmission of Reiki

- Integrate Shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space

- Give and receive a complete Shamanic Reiki session

- Explore Shamanic methods that will open us to the healing forces of the earth and the elements

- Discover how to create a healing environment and develop a Shamanic Reiki healing practice

- Engage life-shifting practices to empower us as a Shamanic Reiki healer

- Establish an inner sanctum and investigate the consciousness of the attunement symbols

- Activate our ability to transmit healing forces across time and space

- Increase the potency of the energy we channel, and receive and give a Shamanic Reiki treatment

- Practice simple Shamanic Reiki absentee healing methods

- Release energetic blocks through Shamanic journeys and with flowers

In this workshop, we explore a systematized and intuitive approach to manifesting profound natural healing. This is a professional level training with a certification from Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. *Special note about this training – Even if you are already attuned to Reiki, have a Reiki practice, or have previously taken Reiki level 1 and 2 classes, in this training you will learn many new shamanic healing methods and and be given new tools that you can add to your healing basket. This work will be transformative to your current practice, and you will be attuned to special Shamanic Reiki symbols that connect you with the Earth-Wisdom aspects to this work.

STACEY GIBBONS is a Master teacher and faculty member for Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, and has studied extensively with Shamans of diverse backgrounds. She has co-taught with award-winning author and teacher, Llyn Roberts for many years, and she is currently on faculty at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. Additionally, Gibbons is a Karuna Reiki Master and holds an Advanced Certification in Kolaimni Healing. She has also earned a certification in Peruvian Shamanism from the Jaguar Path Institute. She currently teaches and studies multiple forms of yoga (Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga) including her own system – Earth/Sky Yoga.

JONATHAN HAMMOND is a Master Teacher and Faculty member for Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, as well as a traditional Usui Reiki Master. In addition to his background in energy healing, Jonathan has had four years of training in Inter-Spirituality and Spiritual Counseling at the One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City, and was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2008. He teaches Shamanic Reiki in venues around the world, including the Omega Institute. He has completed core curriculum through the Foundation For Shamanic Studies, and holds a certification in Cherokee Bodywork. Jonathan also apprenticed with some of the shamans of the Chapada Diamantina in Brazil. He runs yoga and spirituality retreats around the world through his company The Living Project. He has a private spiritual counseling and shamanic practice in New York City. www.mindbodyspiritnyc.com, www.livingprojectretreats.com

LLYN ROBERTS is a prominent teacher of healing and shamanism and the co-creator of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. She is the author of Shamanic Reiki (Roberts & Levy); and the Nautilus Gold award-winning book coauthored with Sandra Ingerman, Speaking with Nature. Llyn has been a Reiki practitioner for almost three decades and a Shamanic Reiki teacher since 1993. Her dynamic teaching style incorporates a background in contemplative psychotherapy, Tibetan Buddhism, work in remote locations with diverse indigenous shamanic groups, Reiki, and Western body-mind approaches to healing. Roberts holds a master’s degree in Tibetan Buddhist and Western Psychology and was initiated by shamans in South America and Siberia. She has trained extensively with Ecuadorian Quechua healers and facilitated sacred journeys to indigenous people living in remote regions of the Amazon, the Asian steppes, high Andes, and in ancient Mayalands. She also wrote the Independent Publisher’s award-winning Shapeshifting Into Higher Consciousness and The Good Remembering. llynroberts.com

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