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S.H.E.L.F(Share Help Educate Learn & Fund) is a community where people from all walks of life can come share their knowledge,help people learn and grow,help educate people who have been deprived of education,can learn something themselves if they want to from other people in the community ,act as human resources for each other and help fund workshops ,seminars,talks etc.,We believe in UNITY IN DIVERSITY where we arent just restricted to certain fields like science and engineering or commerce,all other fields are equally very important from pocket science to rocket science ,from travelling around the globe to space travel ,from discussing about mysteries of our world to unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos. They are all forms of art if done with passion and interest.Knowledge and creativity can be shared in any field,be it painting music,science,management,sports,human pyschology etc., and if shared the right way the world could change for the better,better ideas would evolve from people which would help push innovation and learning.You just need to THINK DIFFERENT. If you have been looking for an oppurtunity to better learning and spread ideas and creativity,come be a part of us.We are people helping people.The community welcomes everyone from every field possible who would like to be a part of change .The community is open and always will be.


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learning session on android.

GRAVITY Science Activities & Learning Centre

we are goin to start with activities on sunday.

GRAVITY Science Activities & Learning Centre

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