What we're about


Women of all ages, seeking to connect their souls more deeply with themselves and each other, to be in truth-freedom-courage-empowerment-vulnerability- and play!!

This group is a safe space to show up and be seen in your most authentic self, to explore new ways of doing, being and having your best life and uniting with fellow brave SHERO Sisters who are ready to break open their souls and join each other on their missions to greatness!

You my friend, are a SHERO! Because you are showing up! Because you are doing it messy! Because you are doing it scared! But you are doing it anyway, and that is the only requirement.

You belong here. We welcome you with open arms.

Here we will be gathering sisters together to learn, grow, expand, explore and PLAY!! Whether thats a GNO on the town, a sacred women's circle or workshop, an outdoor excursion, a paint night in, yoga or embodiment practices, dinner at a new local grub hangout, the possibilities are endless...are you willing to show up and be brave? Your inner SHERO awaits!!!


When you join you get a FREE 60 day trial to see if this is the group for you! We hope it is! After your first 60 days you will be charged by Meetup.com/WePay a monthly $25 fee.

What is this fee for? This monthly fee is first and foremost a commitment to YOURSELF!! You're worth it! We believe that when you invest in yourself, amazing things happen! Your energy and abundance shifts, your opportunities expand, and you're more open to new possibilities and connections! That's what we're all about! If you feel like that is too expensive then you are in the wrong place. We hate to see you go, but we know that $25 is a nominal fee and you have the money, it's just whether you see value in where you put it. If you don't see this group as valuable space for your time and money then you won't get what you want out of it no matter how much effort we put in. YOU have to show up for YOU and putting monetary value and energy into it will create great things for you!!

Second, that also helps us to bring quality activities, experiences, collaborative partnerships, and contributes to our efforts as your group organizers. We want to make this an incredible community that you are excited to be a part of and look forward to every month and we take this role very seriously. We hope you do too!


FREE monthly 5 Day Online SHERO Masterclass to help you master a different topic every month

Monthly gatherings at varying prices and levels of skill from GNO, dinners, physical outdoor and indoor activities, creative outlets, women's circles, spiritual connection, holistic practices & tools and more

Discounts & first VIP access to local and online programs and events


Come with the intention to give AND receive! You will find out of this group what you are seeking. If you expect to be let down you will be. If you expect to have a great time you will. If you expect to have a challenging experience, be uncomfortable, not meet anyone then you will. If you expect to be open-minded, try new things, experience new opportunities and stretch your comfort zone and make new relationships and nurture old ones....you got it....YOU WILL!!!! We believe that the energy you put out is the energy you receive. So come with an open mind and a positive attitude and expect to have a great time no matter what happens!


We love to collaborate and are open to your ideas! If you have an activity you are excited to try that you would like to suggest, please message us with your ideas!

If you have an experience you can contribute to our community please reach out to us! (some examples: womens circles, existing community collaborations, classes/workshops, etc) We are open to all possibilities! That said, if we do not choose your activity, its not personal! We have several determining factors on whether or not your offer is a good fit for our community including openings in our group schedule, whether we have someone already giving a similar offer/experience, your energy & intentions, and what you're looking to get out of it. This needs to be a win=win=win for everyone and if its not that's ok too. We still like you! :)

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