• Hiking at Shades Park

    Shades Sate Park- Hickory Shelter

  • Highway Cleanup... South Side of the Road

    Highway Cleanup Parking Lot

    *Weather Permitting Event* We will be picking up trash on the south side of State Road 38 E. We are responsible for the stretch that runs from the East side of the bridge to 900. Bring gloves (cleaning gloves work best, but gardening/shop gloves work too), water, sunscreen, a hat, and sturdy shoes (it gets a little steep!). It's also best to wear long sleeves and pants to protect from ticks and scrapes! If this is your first time doing this, you can call/text/ or message me for directions to the parking lot!

  • Science on Tap: Keeping Food and Water Safe with Materials Science

    Lafayette Brewing Company

    As always, this event is free to attend with free appetizers and beer to purchase. Abstract: Infectious outbreaks caused by food borne pathogens such as E. coli O157:H7 are still occurring worldwide and cause acute illnesses and significant industrial impact. Pathogens are, however, not the only food contaminants that put public health at risk. Heavy metal traces and products from the degradation of plastic bottles are also present in foods, or are present in high amounts in water due to industrial waste. Detecting these contaminants at the earliest possible stage, and before they harm people is key to ensure public safety. This challenge opens a market niche for real-time, portable, and cost-efficient devices for environmental and food safety monitoring. Despite the rapid growth of sensing as a research field, and the promising performance of an increasing number of novel scientific findings, the chances to transfer the lab-scale platforms developed to successful commercialization stages are dramatically low. In our lab, we are striving to achieve integration of materials into devices that can detect pathogens or heavy metals in food and water in the field, at the earliest possible time to allow for intervention, and with high sensitivity. Here, I will show the feasibility of using a combination of biological and non-biological materials to integrate into manufactured devices that can detect E. Coli O157:H7, as well as heavy metals and other contaminants in a fast reliable manner. This approach may potentially be applied simultaneously to different food borne pathogens or toxins in one single easy to use test.

  • Round the Fountain Art Fair

    Tippecanoe County Courthouse

    *Let's meet at the fountain at 10! I'll be wearing my red SHoT shirt to hopefully stand out more! After seeing all the art, we can walk to lunch, if you're interested!* Call or text me at[masked] if you can't find us! I'll be there with our 2 little people! The art fair runs from 9am-4:30pm, so depending on weather, we will either meet late in the morning or afternoon. We can do 10-12 if it's going to be an exceptionally warm day or 1-3 if it's going to be a chilly morning! We can always meet for lunch before/after too! If you've never been, this is a free event where artists get to display their work and sell to those looking to beautify their homes and support local talent. It's nice to walk around downtown together and view so many wonderful pieces! More information can be found here... https://www.roundthefountain.org/

  • Game of thrones Finale!

    Robin house

    Live season finale!!!

  • Coffee and Conversation: "Bad Atheist Arguments"

    Johnson Hall of Nursing

    https://crossexamined.org/16-bad-atheist-arguments-and-how-to-respond-to-them This was an interesting look into the mind of the writer... what he thinks atheists wonder and what he thinks is a good rebuttal (spoiler alert, his answer to an atheist's question is to ask a different question!) Let's take a break from the real troubles of the world and the grind of daily life and see if we can come up with better answers and maybe some better questions! A devils' advocate... or better yet, a god's advocate (go ahead laugh, that was hilarious!) Coffee provided as well as some light snacks!

  • Game of thrones ep. 4&5

    Robin house

    Episode 3 at 7:30. Episode 4 at 9pm

  • Mother's Day Hike/Picnic

    Clegg Memorial Garden

  • Skeptics in the Pub: Witchcraft

    Thieme and Wagner Brewery

    Our second Skeptics in the Pub will explore the history and resurgence of witchcraft. This is a 21+ event. Free to attend, but food and drinks for purchase. Open to the public!

  • Game of Thrones episodes 2-3

    Robin house