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Have you been on an energetic discovery of yourself? Are you looking for a way to embody and actualize the most Extraordinary version of yourself?

Join this intimate group in Staten Island of extraordinary beings who have the courage to upgrade their vibrations and shed what is holding them back from the most EXTRAORDINARY version of themselves.

We are energetic beings, connected to a magnificent system of physiological wisdom... Much like the most innovative computer, our systems can be bogged down by stressors, traumas, beliefs, stuck emotion and life experiences. That's why supporting your system with a system upgrade and defragmentation can greatly impact your physical reality and free you from years of heavy gunk that isn't supporting you.

This group session is facilitated by Melinda Janicki, the founder of Catalyze YOU Molecular Sessions. The potent Catalyze YOU session facilitates a transformative, evolving process that, much like your computer upgrade, can help you to clear out and uplevel your system, so you can create your desired reality. Catalyze YOU sessions are comprised of:

• foundational Quantum Physics based scientific concepts,

• facilitation of deep healing brain states & molecular level upgrades to foster healing in your ENTIRE system,

• cultivation of universal energetics to facilitate your system in dropping the layers and downloading your original source of power,

• the use of astrological energies & cycles to activate the most empowered version of yourself,

• the use of 100s of ancient modalities all brought together in one session to give your system everything it needs to be the most extraordinary version of yourself.

The energies cultivated by the Catalyze YOU session are able to facilitate you into a WHOLE new desired reality. Whether you are a seasoned energetic healer OR newly on a self-healing journey, these sessions provide a unique tailored support system customized for your specific needs. Melinda has been providing these sessions to people all over the world and is now bringing this locally to support like-minded beings ready to light up their own life in a WHOLE new way. When you heal yourself you heal others so join me in healing the world by being the best most EXTRAORDINARY beings we are meant to be <3

“When you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela

Catalyze YOU sessions have helped others to become best-selling authors, create 6 & 7 figure businesses, lose 100 lbs, heal PCOS, heal Arthritis, let go of past traumas, discover themselves, double and triple their income, reverse long-term health problems, discover their mission, cultivate self-love, tap into their inner power, become more grounded in their system and much more!

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FREE Catalyze YOU Energetic Transmission - VIRTUAL

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FREE Catalyze YOU Energetic Transmission - VIRTUAL

Needs a location

Catalyze YOU Molecular Group Session - Goddess Addition

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