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A group for serious riders. This is not a club or any kind of an organization with rules or dues, but rather a site where we can find like riders, learn different routes, suggest and post rides and communicate with other riders. I'll pay the fees just for the privilege of riding with some of you fine folks. You can buy me lunch though on our next adventure! But if you do sign up, please do it with the intention of actually riding. Anyone can post a ride here, and you are encouraged to do so. I can only post so many rides, so the more we get posting, the more we get riding. Just keep politics, religion and business offers where they belong .....someplace else!

We tend to run at a sportin' pace. We are certainly not SCR and no knee draggin' on the rides. But we do love to carve the canyons at a good B+ pace. We are a mix of sporties, motards and sport tourers, ridden mostly by experienced riders. This is NOT a beginners group! It is pretty much old guys on sport bikes ripping canyons in the Sierras on week days, with few cars and even less CHPs. Anyone with skills and a sense of adventure is invited to join in the fun, but be advised, this is a sporting group. Not everyone is comfortable at a B/B+ pace. Rides also on some weekends and special events but this is more of a riding group than a social or cruising group.

If you are "modest" or "easily offended" this might not be your group, as we will try to foster a sense of brotherhood, and that usually includes some good-natured kidding....or worse!

"ATGATT" is seriously advised on all rides! (all the gear all the time)

Shiny side up y'all!

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