What we're about

This group is for Sikhs based anywhere in the UK!

Including North, Midlands and the London areas!

We recognise all humanity as one - all are welcome to join. A "Sikh", by translation is whoever is a "student/seeker" of truth in life.

We aim:

- to explore a rich heritage (centred on the Punjab; its culture and literature)

- to explore Sikh philosophy of universal values and ethics

- to explain and experience the core philosophy to whoever seeks

- to provide and share expertise on practical matters of life (practical seva in law, enterprise etc)

- to ensure that there is time for like minded people to develop through shared experience and fun

We are anchored in the practical ethics and philosophy set out by Guru Nanak and open to all without compromise to their beliefs.

Sikhs believe in one universal God. The core belief is enshrined in a basic prayer of 10 short words/phrases (Mool Mantar);

1 -Ek-onkar (The entity)

2 -Satnam - (purest - transliteration "essential truth")

3 -Karta - (Creator)

4 -Purakh - (all pervading).

5 -Nirbhao - (caring/gentle - transliteration "without fear")

6 -Nirvair - (ever forgiving - transliteration "without enmity")

7 -Akal Murat - (universal - transliteration "heavenly figure")

8 -Ajuni - (eternal)

9 -Saibhang - (transliteration "self-existent")

10 -Gur prasad - realised for onelself through the guidance of the Gurus (teachers).

2. Sikhism espouses equality of all humanity (for the sake of clarity, women and men have equal status, starting with unisex names). Its texts are neutral and seek to empower, through practice of love, service and selflessness.

3. It espouses 3 primary principles of practice, comprising industriousness/diligence (or honest earning), sharing and contemplation/meditation in the name of the creator.

"Kirat Karo"

"Wand Ke Chhako"

"Naam Jappo"

4. It requires the discipline of constant rational, practical, self improvement; a philosophical path set out by the Gurus. It requires fundamentally that one follow a path of good ethics and mutual respect without condemnation of ,or accepting coercion from, others. It rejects all rituals, omens, superstitions, fasts, pilgrimages or idolatry.

5. It emphasises a moral and ethical life. A Sikh is required to represent moral responsibility and righteousness in all actions of life. Practice self discipline, through prayer and meditation to minimise ego and prevent indulgence in Pride, Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment.

The five aspects that waste life; "Homai, Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh"

6. It requires selfless service to others. To always be prepared to help the poor, needy, and oppressed; to be prepared to speak out against injustice - without fear or favour.

"nishkam seva"

7. It requires the practice of life by blending the qualities of saints, scholars and soldiers.

"sant, sepahi"

8. Every person is required and empowered to take on a life of philosophical and worldly responsibilities

"meeri, peeri"

9. An obligatory prayer is to call for the good of all

"Nanak; naam chardi kala; tere bhaney, sarbat da bhala"

10. The word Sikh is a Sanskrit derivative and translates to disciple or student. Sikhs follow the writings and teachings of the ten Sikh Gurus as recorded by the Gurus in the Granth Sahib.

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