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Physical set backs can be detrimental as many of us use our bodies for stress relief. A noble, yet fragile approach, especially after a debilitating injury. The ripple effects of losing your "coping mechanism" may bleed negatively into your wellness and naturally the ones around you. It is difficult to stay in a loving/caring mindset if your accompanied in constant pain and inhibition.
This group will provide you with answers on how your systems inter-connect from a Holistic approach to gain a broader understanding on cause and effect. This meeting will be conducted with simple and understandable terms with an introduction to concepts.
Basic key note introduction to concepts to muscle firing sequences, compensation patterns, energetic guarding patterns and physiological imbalances which lead to avoidable injuries. These concepts will be gently re-emphasized in conversation format and are easily understood!
I have an extensive background in Clinical Sports Massage, Myofacial Release, Neuromuscular Release and Orthopedic Massage with a background in NLP (Neuro linguistic Programming). While I do not practice NLP, I may introduce fundamental theories so that you may mold your own perceptions.
My career as a body worker lead me into becoming a CA State Certified Academy Instructor teaching Nutrition and Physiology, traveled with the UFC, was on the Advisory Board for the PCOM (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine) and I have certifications in Kinesio taping, CrossFit (L-1 coach), MMA trainer etc.
My main clientele source, in my practice, consisted of NAVY Seal team members, Green Barret's, SWAT units, BORTAC members, Olympic Athletes, UFC fighters, weight lifters and inspiring Moms and Dad's. I think your awesome no matter what you do !
SIPE originated about 4 years ago in San Diego, CA and had a great turn out.
I have now relocated to Phoenix and hope to continue being of service to my new community. Please welcome me with a sound appetite for your knowledge and growth. Please acknowledge that I will not be working on your ailments.
This is informational only.

The format is three fold and discussion inspired:

1- Understanding the anatomical relationship of your body parts and the inhibiting dynamics leading into hidden imbalances.
( No anatomical knowledge needed. Easily understandable format)
2 Capitalize your acquired knowledge on point 1 and determine your areas of potential improvement
3 Based on information acquired from parts 1 and 2, create a "realistic and maintainable" self care program and or compliment the program which you may already have.
Your part:
Please be on time and come with a supporting mindset to be a learning and contributing member for the growth and overall success for the group.
Pen, paper or laptop encouraged
No auditory or video recordings of an sort permitted. We will take a group picture if you chose to be in it.
Acknowledge and be clear that you are sharing your personal information publicly at your own will. If you prefer to be reserved, someone else will probably ask your question with the same ailment ;) No sweat.
See you soon

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