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SISTAS, LLC: Sistas Initiating Strategies to Achieve Success: Creating an Atmosphere of Empowerment

Created and founded by Shalonda Menefee( Portland, Oregon) in 2005, SISTAS was started and designed to create workshops and empowering events that inspire young people and women to live up to their full potential and pursue their life's calling, despite any personal challenges.

SISTAS mission is to provide workshops, resources, events and support groups that inspire women to heal and grow using practical, creative techniques that will lead to a positive outcome.

SISTAS Dolled Up is all about empowering women to know that you are not what you have been through and you don't have to look like you are going through. No matter what you can still be whole and Dolled Up from head to toe and inside and out.

Shalonda facilitates SISTAS Dolled Up Urban Head wrapping workshops for women who want to learn simple head wrapping techniques to create their crown.

She also facilitate SISTAS Dolled Up: Doll Making empowerment workshop for woman that will allow women to create a doll that will remind them of there greatness and future goals.

SISTAS, LLC consist of:

* SISTAS Dolled Up One of A kind handmade dolls, Doll Art, Cards and Journals™

* SISTAS Dolled Up Women’s Healing HeArt Doll making workshops™

* SISTAS Dolled Up Urban Head Wraps, Accessories and Clothing

* SISTAS Urban Head Wrapping Workshops

* SISTAS Back2Basics Youth program™

If you would like to book a SISTAS workshop Email Shalonda Menefee at empoweredsistas@yahoo.com or check our her website: http://www.empoweredsistas.com

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