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Price: $26.50 /per person

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This shoot will be a Fashion shoot. Models, wardrobe, and a great location!

This event center has a ton of great furniture to have the models lounge on. When I saw this location I was extremely excited and am so happy the owner is willing to let us shoot there. The space is HUGE! Alot bigger then the Christmas shoot. We wont be getting into each others way too much with this venue.

Model List!

$26.50 per photographer.

(this cost includes the location, the cost of wardrobe, meetup fees, insurance, planning...ect...) Its a pretty great deal!

Bring lights if you wish. It is an indoor location. Usually an off camera flash is the best so you can kind of just walk around and shoot. I cant have anyone hogging one particular spot all night long. You will be wanting to walk around and shoot anyways with this location!

We are using the location as our backdrop so no need to bring backdrops or anything like that unless you absolutely want to. There is plenty of room to set up a couple of backdrops if we want!

I try hard to make these events fun and more of a party vibe then some sort of business transaction professional photoshoot. Its just more fun and calming that way. Just come and hang out and shoot and have a GOOD time!!! Try something new that you have never done before! These meetups are for exploring our talents and networking! So lets do this!!!

If you dont like crowds or having a good time while shooting and your the type of person that has to have all the attention of one model the whole night this meetup probably isnt for you! It will get crowded at times and everyone might want to shoot the same model at times but there are multiple models so try another model and come back to the one you really must work with later! You must have patience at these things but they are amazing and fun by the end of the day!

Model releases - If you want the models to sign releases then bring your own! If a model doesn't want to sign a release then shoot with another model who will. No big deal and dont make it one please!

One more thing... (and unfortunately I have to let people know this) Im pretty easy going and want these meetups to be awesome. If your a drama maker or just plain annoy me I will kick you out! Thats that! This is a group to me not a business and I want only the best players involved! I dont care about your money, or appeasing someones certain ridiculous needs. I will weed out the bad seeds so that this group can flourish and have GREAT times!!!

Now with all that negativity out of the way haha lets have a blast!!!!!!!! woot woot!