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Welcome to our Dinner and Drinks Group!

This is the sister group of Utah Outdoors ( As we have grown we have diversified our activities and expanded into new areas. This group was created to help better manage different types of events.

We are currently still working on giving this group direction, if you have any ideas for events, please feel free to reach out to the leadership and we will work to incorporate them.

Currently we are working on creating the following types of events:

Bars and Pubs - We will be hosting social get togethers where we go out for a few beers.

Dining - Utah Outdoors ( has traditionally gone out for dinner after most events, however due to the size of our events and the late hour we have been limited in restaurant choice. Utah Indoors will be exploring new restaraunts and new types of foods on a regular basis.

Local Music - the goal is to find a few awesome local bands that the group likes and create regular events when they play.

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