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Mar 4, 2009


I am a tax planner that proactively serves primarily small business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors and retirees. Find out more about my business below and at my blog

What is your business about? How can your business help St. Louis businesses?

I show small business owners how to keep from paying taxes that they shouldn’t be paying. The money I save clients helps educate family members, secures retirement lifestyles and transfers wealth to family members and charity. Small Business Owners are welcome to get my free report "10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes that Cost You Thousands" and get as a bonus my weekly "Tax & Finance Tips" newsletter. My business is all about the bottom line. My report and newsletter are a great way to learn about improving the bottom line of your business by legally decreasing your tax burden.

What other types of business or professionals do you work with?

I collaborate with Accountants, Corporate, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Tax & Estate Planning attorneys, payroll services, accountants, human resources professionals, benefits providers, business coaches, marketing & PR consultants, insurance brokers, financial planners and charitable organizations.

What are you doing to build your business lately?

I work on increasing the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the St. Louis new venture community by connecting startup companies with business mentors. Together we can make St. Louis known for launching great companies. I try to attend 6 networking events, meetups or classes a month ranging from a new venture mentoring to internet marketing societies. Bringing the right people and resources together is so important for the survival and growth of local small businesses and investors.