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About Us -

eGrowth@Biz is an Ecosystem for Small and Medium Enterprises. Our purpose is to enable unprecedented growth in the business of SMEs. The 3 pillers we work on are -


As part of the Knowledge Series we conduct workshops on regular intervals.

About eGrowth Knowledge Series -

eGrowth Knowledge Series are workshops which happen on regular intervals. We bring together professionals to deliver an exciting session on a topic which is relevant to Small and Medium Enterprises. These also happen at other cities on regular intervals.

These series allow our participants to remain in contact with what is happening in the World and how they can transform their business to cause Accelerated Growth.

Who should participate -

1. Business Owners

2. Sales Leaders

3. Small and Medium Enterprises

Your Takeaways

1. Action Plan to build your business

2. Identify Opportunities to collaborate

3. Create a structure for empowered communication

4. Networking and participating in the Ecosystem

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eGrowth Mixer

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