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Portrait Bootcamp - Session 6 - Glamour/Boudoir/Figure +Shoot

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Because of our figure model being sick the week before, this class has been moved back a week. As a bonus it's a class in the beginning and an actual shoot.

Spots are open for other attendees.
Model releases are $25 per model, they are not mandatory but we HIGHLY suggest them.

Interested in Glamor and Boudoir photography? This class shows you up to setup lights, pose, and interact with Glamor, Boudoir, and Figure models. This is an adult oriented class.

What's new about this workshop/class?: It's been requested by many MaS attendees that they wanted to see the instructors shooting as they observe. This class has more instructor sample time.

Session 6 covers the following

- Equipment setup, explanation for best results for glamour/boudoir
- How to quickly get setup and start using your studio lights
- Instructors shows you how to shoot
- Interacting and posing the model in this difficult situation
- Blending studio photography with existing ambient light
- Understanding hard and soft light, usage of modifiers, and more.
- Q and A with a figure/lingerie Model
- Getting the best from your model
- Working with nude models
- After lecture we will convert it to a workshop/shoot so please bring your camera and be ready to shoot some.

Model Release: $25 model release per model

What you need to bring : Your camera.

What you need to already know: How to use your camera on manual. This class is great for those newer to photography and seasoned professionals.

Where : We will be shooting on location at the Goat Farm studio. We will be inside studio, and outside during this event in classroom and shooting environment.

There will be a model to shoot, please bring your camera as you will be able to apply what is taught in class during the shoot.

Lingerie Model :





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