• All about ICOs - new funding model for startups, by Guy Corem

    Cryptocurrency Done Right, by Guy Corem (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vcorem/) Since 2013, and especially in the last year a new crowdfunding model for companies has emerged. Crowdales of tokens (also known wrongfully as ICOs - Initial Coins Offerings) is based on the ability to sell a tradable token that will be used in the company (usually but not always yet to be developed) platform. In the mini-lecture, we will cover some of the famous Israeli and International tokens sales that happened recently and we will also explain what is a good token model. About Guy Corem: Blockchain Advisor Guy Corem is a software developer by trade, having served as an IDF Mamram instructor and engineer at Voltaire, Broadcom, and Intel. He is a hacker and entrepreneur with a passion for crypto. Previously, he was the CEO of Spondoolies-Tech, a developer, manufacturer, and vendor of state of the art Bitcoin mining rigs. Guy has been an active contributor for many years to the global Bitcoin community.

  • Secret World of Entrepreneurs: The Synergy Factor

    Secret World of Entrepreneurs: The Synergy Factor The loneliness, the fear of failure, the challenge of building a winning team and the identity questions about the ability to lead - did you ever feel like this? Ruthy Pariente, a life Certified Coach with background in the VC world, helps entrepreneurs process those feelings and gives practical tools to create better synergy between personal life and the start-up. Ruthy will talk about how to build a successful venture while having a full and satisfying personal life. This talk is in HEBREW. About the Speaker Ruthy Pariente is a life Certified Coach (CCIL) with BA in Criminology and Human Resource management, specializing in working with Entrepreneurs. She has more than 25 years experience working within Hi-Tech ecosystem, 9 years out of them. Ruthy was part of the VC world. Ruthy is deeply passionate about helping entrepreneurs in reaching the work-life balance while building their new ventures.

  • Inside the Mind of a US Investor: Ilana Golan, Golan Ventures

    This event is for startup CEOs and Sales/ Business Development teams. Discover the key ingredients to building your successful sales and marketing strategy for the go-to-market from the woman who knows them best- Ilana Golan, of Golan Ventures. About our speaker: Ilana Golan is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and now Investor in the Silicon Valley. Selected as 40 top women to watch in 2016 and Silicon Valley Business Journal Women of Influence for 2017. Bringing 20 years of engineering, product, sales, operations and entrepreneurial experience to help primarily Israeli startups succeed in the US. Working with many accelerators in the bay area such as Google Launchpad to mentor and open the right doors to their startups. Through Golan Ventures, Ilana has created the Bridge of Innovation – Connecting corporate innovation efforts with relevant startups that have the solutions needed. Working closely with Israel Chamber of Commerce and Israel Trade to bring the most impact to both sides. Ilana studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering in the Technion. In the media Forbes (https://www.forbes.com/sites/whitneyjohnson/2017/02/28/if-you-think-its-impossible-talk-to-this-former-f-16-flight-instructor/#405b7d9824fc) , Tech (http://tech.co/entrepreneur-f-16-silicon-valley-2016-12) and Globes (http://www.globes.co.il/news/docview.aspx?fbdid=1001175865). When: July 6th, 16:00 Where: SOSA, Shocken 13 (Parking: Bar Yochai 21) RSVP is a must (spots are limited)

  • "Can Machine Learning Disrupt Industrial Automation?" with Siemens

    "Can Machine Learning Disrupt Industrial Automation?" with Siemens July 5th, 18:00, SOSA TLV RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE (a must) --> http://tiny.cc/3x3xly Machine Learning & AI are the buzzwords of 2017, widely being celebrated as the top technology trends that will disrupt almost every major field. It is no wonder why industrial manufacturing companies have also recently begun to examine how machine learning & AI can impact their own industry and revolutionize the traditional factory. About this event: Siemens, the worldwide technology and engineering leader in factory automation, delivers automation solutions to machine builders and factories in any kind of industry. During their event at SOSA, you'll hear from Alexandre Bonay, Innovative Technologies Developer at Siemens, who has been sent to Tel-Aviv to scout the startup ecosystem for relevant technological trends which could become a game changer in future automation systems. Alexandre will take you on Virtual Reality journey through an Industrial Production Process, share how Siemens is scouting for new technological trends to advance their automation systems, and lead a discussion on potential solutions. RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE --> http://tiny.cc/3x3xly (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/can-machine-learning-disrupt-industrial-automation-with-siemens-tickets-35503619281) Agenda: 18:00-18:20 Gathering + Drinks + Networking 18:20-18:50: “Understanding an Industrial Production Process through an Immersive Virtual Reality Experience," Alexandre Bonay, Innovative Technologies Developer at Siemens, and Mark Walz, Leader of Electrical Maintenance of Press Shop Volkswagen Wolfsburg (Virtual Attendance): Through an exciting VR experience, Alexandre Bonay, will discuss the role of industrial automation in production processes today what can be disrupted through new technologies such as machine learning and AI. 18:50-19:10: Discussion on future Machine Learning and AI solutions for automation systems 19:10-20:00: Drinks, Hotdogs & Networking RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE --> http://tiny.cc/3x3xly (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/can-machine-learning-disrupt-industrial-automation-with-siemens-tickets-35503619281)

  • The Fundraising Process from A - Z, with dapulse CEO Roy Mann

    The fundraising process from A-Z with Roy Mann, CEO of dapulse Roy Mann, CEO of dapulse, is a career entrepreneur with varied experience across the Israeli startup scene. With Roy's most recent experience of closing a $25 Million Series B with dapulse, he gained valuable insight on the fundraising journey. During his talk at SOSA, Roy will speak about the entire fundraising process including how to prepare your startup to raise money, assessing the fundraising landscape, and how to proceed once you raise money. Before co-founding dapulse, Roy was part of Wix’s senior management team and prior to that, he founded the online social game Save an Alien. When: June 27th, 2017 Where: SOSATLV

  • What you Need to Know Before Moving your Startup to the US

    What you Need to Know Before Moving your Startup to the US Is your startup ready to make the big leap to the US? Before you pack your bags, it is crucial to consider the key aspects of the American legal system and what they means for your startup, in order to ensure your smooth landing in the US. In this meetup, learn everything you need to know from the expert! Eric Savage, Senior Partner in the New York City office of Littler Mendelson, a national and international law firm specializing in employment law for companies, will address all your legal considerations and answer your burning questions regarding your company's move to the states! Topics that will be covered at this Meetup: Core US employment law principles and common pitfalls for foreign employers Immigration basics Contracts (and what not to do) Don’t call everyone an independent contractor! Trade secrets and non-competes Whistleblowing and retaliation Wage and hour issues How to stay out of trouble About Eric Savage: Eric Savage is a senior partner in the New York City office of Littler Mendelson, a national and international law firm specializing in employment law for companies, and is one of the co-chairs of the firm’s newly formed Tech/Start-up Practice Group. He is the firm’s unofficial head of Israel practice and has represented a number of Israeli companies throughout the US which are active in the US or planning to start operations there, helping with such issues as contracts, non-competes, advice on discrimination matters, corporate compliance, immigration and data privacy. With more than 30 years of employment law experience, he is attuned to the complications that this field can cause for foreign companies and devotes a large part of his practice to helping clients stay compliant and avoiding unnecessary mistakes which can be expensive to fix.

  • When Should my Startup Raise Money from a US VC?

    When Should my Startup Raise Money from a US VC? Get inside the mind of a US investor at our Q&A with Jacques Benkoski, Partner at US Venture Partners What does your startup need to do to attract US venture capital investment? Before pursuing funding VC Investors, it is crucial to understand the general requirements of US VCS considering non US investments. Join us and Jacques Benkoski, Partner at US Venture Partners, and active investor in the Israeli market, for an intimate discussion on this important topic. When: May 15th, 15:00 Where: SOSA TLV, Shocken 13 RSVP is a must. About Jacques: An international businessman, Jacques was born in Belgium, educated in Israel and the U.S., held executive positions in Europe and the U.S. Jacques is an active investor in the Israeli market and in the IT markets in the U.S. Past USVP companies include Trusteer (acq by IBM), Dune Networks (acq Broadcom) and ClearShape (acq Cadence) along with executive chairmanships at Certess (acq Springsoft) and Synfora (acq Synopsys). Jacques currently sits on the boards of Chute, Comilion, Kilopass, Kenna Security, Qnovo, Zerto and ZypMedia. Before joining USVP, Jacques was CEO of Monterey Design Systems from 1999 until its acquisition in 2004. He founded the European subsidiary of Epic Design Technology (EPIC) which had a successful IPO in 1994 and became Vice President of European Sales following its acquisition by Synopsys. Earlier in his career, Jacques held a number of positions at IMEC, IBM and STMicroelectronics.

  • מי יזכה בכוח במאה ה- 21? שיחה על ספרו החדש של דר רועי צזנה

    הטכנולוגיות הדיגיטליות יוצרות אי-שוויון הולך וגובר, ומחזקות את יכולותיהן של ממשלות ושל חברות תעשייתיות להכתיב את השיח ולעצב את התודעה הציבורית. בהרצאה נדבר על הדרך בה הטכנולוגיות מספקות כוח לממשלות ולחברות, ומהם הנתיבים באמצעותם הציבור עשוי לקבל את הכוח בחזרה לידיו - על אף שהם עלולים לחייב אותנו לנסות להנדס מחדש את החברה, התעשייה והדמוקרטיה כפי שאנו מכירים אותן. RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/-21-tickets-34192594972 ביו - ד"ר רועי צזנה הינו אינטלקטואל ציבורי וחוקר עתידים מוכר בישראל ובעולם. הוא חוקר במרכז למחקר סייבר בינתחומי ע"ש בלבטניק באוניברסיטת תל אביב, ניהל את התכנית לחקר עתידים ביחידת להב פיתוח מנהלים באוניברסיטת תל אביב, מקושר (affiliated) ליוזמה לרובוטיקה ממוקדת אנושות באוניברסיטת בראון, והעביר קורסים בנושא עתידנות גם באוניברסיטה העברית ובטכניון. ד"ר צזנה הקים ועומד בראש פרויקט סימפוליטיקס לחיזוי פוליטי, ו- "חי את העתיד" כמייסד-שותף של טלה-באדי – חברה המפיצה ומתחזקת רובוטי טלפרזנס משוכללים ברחבי העולם, כך שהוא מסוגל להרצות, ללמד ולנהל מיזמים בשלוש יבשות דרך אוואטרים רובוטיים המשמשים עבורו כגופים חלופיים. ד"ר צזנה חבר במספר גופים לחקר עתידים, כולל האגודה לעתיד העולם, טכקאסט (במסגרתה נבחר כמומחה החודש) ופרויקט המילניום. הוא חבר בוועד המייעץ של Lifeboat Foundation שנועדה לשמר את האנושות מכיליון, ומשמש כיועץ מדעי בסטרט-אפים כאובוויסלים ומטצ'פול. בנוסף הוא פועל כאנליסט בכיר בחברת ויקיסטראט לייעוץ בכוח ההמונים. ספרו הראשון של ד"ר צזנה – "המדריך לעתיד" – הפך לרב-מכר וריכז את תשומת לב הציבור בעתיד ובדרך בה ישפיעו הטכנולוגיות על החברה. השנה יצא ספרו השני – "השולטים בעתיד: הון-שלטון, טכנולוגיה, תקווה" - העוסק בשלטון בעתיד ובחלוקת הכוח בין הממשלה, התעשייה והציבור, בהוצאת כינרת זמורה דביר. אחד הרעיונות המרכזיים בספר היה מעבר לצורת שלטון חלופית אותה מכנה ד"ר צזנה "מדינות ענן", וחזון זה אכן מתגשם בימים אלו באמצעות הקמת "מדינת הענן היהודית" שאמורה לספק שירותים, ייצוג וכוח משותף לעם היהודי בכל מקום בעולם. RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/-21-tickets-34192594972

  • The Future of Commerce w/ Matan-Paul Shetrit, Product Manager at Square

    Join us at SOSA to hear from Matan Paul Shetrit, Product Manager at Square, who will cover: -The Square API ecosystem and their offering for developers -trends in the US Market -How to gain access to Square's seller network -Square's online/offiline solution -Square's goals and roadmap About Square: Square started 8 years ago as a simple Credit Card reader company. Since then they've grown to power a lending arm, p2p money transfers, and back office management. As the company grows they have seen the need to externalize and open up to developers our internal tools. By doing this, they are letting 3rd party users bridge the gap between the online world to the in-store transaction. Matan is Product Manager on Square's APIs team. Their mandate is to externalize Square tools for 3rd party developers and lead the charge for a truly omni channel environment. Before joining Square Matan worked on risk, payments, and analytics at Gumroad.com and Stripe. Prior to moving to the US Matan spent sometime analyzing and running strategies at a TLV based hedge funds (KCPS), and 3.5 years at the Ministry Of Finance Budget Department.

  • The Future of the IoT with Nokia CEO, Rajeev Suri

    The Future of the IoT with Rajeev Suri, CEO and Kathrin Buvac, Chief Strategy Officer at Nokia RSVP at the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nokias-the-future-of-the-iot-tickets-33967936011 (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nokias-the-future-of-the-iot-tickets-33967936011) Nokia Innovations help service providers, utilities, automotive and transportation companies and governments use the Internet of Things (IoT). Nokia is a major force in the IoT with a broad portfolio that includes Narrowband-IoT networks, Nokia's award winning IMPACT IoT platform, which manages over 1.5 billion devices, and Withings, a pioneer and leader in the connected health revolution. Join us to hear from Nokia's CEO & CSO about the future, opportunities and challenges of the IoT RSVP at the link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nokias-the-future-of-the-iot-tickets-3396793601 (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nokias-the-future-of-the-iot-tickets-33967936011)1 Your Hosts: Ron Shvili, Chief Technology Officer, Cellcom Israel Chemi Peres, General Managing Partner, Pitango Venture Capital Eran Wagner, Managing Partner, I3 Equity Partners Gady Krumholz. VP, Global Head of New Business Development, Nokia WHEN: May 10th, 17:30 WHERE: SOSA, Shocken 13, (Nearest Parking: Bar Yochai 2 1)