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Our mission is to help all entrepreneurs succeed so they can create jobs, grow economies, offer customers better products and services, realize great personal satisfaction and wealth, and fund programs that make the world a better place without the need to depend on the government to do it for us. And we all must recognize, we are all entrepreneurs in one form or another, we must be responsible for ourselves and society...again, without asking our nation to do it for us.


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SPAN (Successful Professionals Alliance Network) hosts several types of events each month, but we are best known for our SPAN After Hours, held on the third Thursday of each month at various venues. The group is designed to be a wonderful blend of business networking and socializing. Relaxing and having a little fun time with each other fosters deeper relationships. Since most folks want to do business with professionals they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST...this is an excellent relationship building opportunity! Please note, to earn trust and do business with others, you need to tell them who you are. Therefore, all members must have their full first and last name on the top of their profile. This is accomplished by including it in your primary Meetup profile and it will filter through.

Most of our events are fairly unstructured; it is up to the member to read what the events are about, any disappointments are generally caused by not reading the provided information.

This group is open to all, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. We ask that if you choose to join, you be committed to participating on a regular basis. Please feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to join us. This group is not industry exclusive.

Please respect the no-pressure, no hard selling atmosphere of these events. Please do not bring any brochures or promotional materials other than business cards.

ALL SPAN groups and chapters have a NO SPAMMING Policy. Please DO NOT contact fellow members unless they have requested it! Simply collecting a business card does not give you permission to add anybody to an email list! Also, all members must keep their profiles updated and include both a first and last name in their Meetup profile. This is to your benefit so that fellow members can look you up to send you referrals!

Will the photo you use be a PROFESSIONAL looking HEAD SHOT? NO LOGOS! Your photo will help you get more referrals from other members if they forget your name they can still find you. NO SPOUSES, BABIES, PETS, BOATS, MOTORCYCLES, SIG OTHERS, etc.


This really sums up SPAN:

'When someone shares something of value with you, and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.' -Chinese Proverb

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SPAN's Holiday Happiest Hours at The NEW Tarpon Bay Grill and Tiki Bar

SPAN After Hours goes Barefoot...A FREE Networking Event In Our 10th Year!

Barefoot Caribbean Grill at Westfield Sarasota Square Mall

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