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Step into another world as you meet and converse with Arya, a loving being from the fifth dimensional realm!

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, described the Arcturians as one of the most advanced civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are here to bring enlightenment to humanity.

Arya is Arcturian, and she speaks through Stephanie Massengale, a medium with lifelong abilities to channel otherworldly beings.

Arya is from a long-lived physical form species, the average Arcturian living to be about four hundred years of age according to our calendar. The Arcturians are honored to help those on our planet seeking to raise their vibrations so that we can become a more loving and helpful species.

In a manner similar to those of Esther Hicks with Abraham, or Lee Carroll with Kryon, Stephanie Massengale will channel loving messages from Arya in this amazing 2-hour event!

If you could ask ANY question to a member of one of the most advanced species in the galaxy, what would it be? Well, tonight is your chance!

Arya helps you understand the difference between what you say and what you actually mean. You may not be able to see clearly what you are doing, but Arya can help you to clarify your own experience.

The beauty of this connection is that your intention to know these answers has created the window of opportunity for this communication to even occur. Speaking with Arya is like having a phone call with a wise professor; one who knows much more about the way the Universe actually works.

This is one opportunity that you will NOT want to miss!

Payment for this event is $15 and is required with your RSVP to reserve your spot and to respect the time that Stephanie will invest into each individual who attends.


Having abilities since childhood, Stephanie Massengale has developed her talents in the pursuit of helping others.

Stephanie has had two near death experiences. The second one happened in 2006 and led to the reawakening of her abilities. Stephanie began seeing clients in 2008 emphasizing her message of joy and peace.

In her practice, it is her intention that you find the spiritual tools that enable you to live the life you intend. She travels the country offering lectures and private consultation.

Among her talents are Reiki Master, sound healing, medium, channeler for Arya, and life coaching. Stephanie has recently received mediumship training from Tony Stockwell.

To learn more about Stephanie and the services she offers, visit her website at (


Directions and House Identification

The home for this Meetup is located on Chapel Hill Road (HWY 54) between Cary Parkway and North Maynard Rd. If you are coming from Morrisville, the home will be on the right, with the driveway entrance AFTER the mailbox. And if you are coming from Raleigh/Cary the home will be on the left, with the driveway entrance BEFORE the mailbox.

There is a good chance you will pass the house from either direction because there is not a lot of lead time on this busy road before you actually see the location entrance. To help, there will be orange parking cones with reflective tape marking the driveway entrance. Meetup signs will also be hanging on the black mailbox.

If this is your first time coming to the location, you should plan to leave 15 minutes earlier than your GPS indicates. It is okay to arrive early, even if it is 15 or 30 minutes early. :)