Stone Mountain Sunset Stroll (10/19 AND 10/21)

This is a past event

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This event will be hosted by Josh Earhart as Audrey Andersen has been called away by the American Red Cross to assist in the recovery of Hurricane Micheal in the Florida Panhandle. We wish her well in support of those in need.

Twice a year, from the perspective of the top of Stone Mountain, the sun sets behind the downtown Atlanta cityscape. Each day the sun transitions a couple of degrees. This year, based on The Photographer's Ephmeris (,-84.146120¢er=33.7636,-84.3880&z=17&spn=0.00,0.01&dt=20170221083800-0500), the sunset transition will start on Wednesday, October 17 through approximately Tuesday, October 23rd. Sunset times will be around 6:57PM.

We are the mercy of the weather, especially clouds. While we will plan to go on this date, we may have to alter the dates based on the potential for cloud cover. No guarantees and sometimes we never know what we'll see until we get to the summit.

Those of you who have not had the chance to do this, will either want to take the Summit Skyride ($6 and weather dependent) up before it closes or hike up the mountain 30-45 minutes. Contact the Summit Skyride to check on their schedule.

You'll need a tripod, cable release, long lens (minimum 200mm). Bring a flashlight for walking down in the dark. It can get windy up there so plan to dress accordingly.

For those of you who want to meetup before the hike, meet at the bathrooms at the beginning of the trail, We'll plan to start the hike up around 5pm.


LIABILITY NOTICE: By signing up and attending a Meetup sponsored by the Southeastern Photographic Society, I acknowledge that these activities can be hazardous and that I could be injured or my property damaged. I agree that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume any risk of physical injury or damage to my property.