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Photographic Artists make Photographic Art, they do not create their images by a single capture. They see the world differently and then show others how they see and feel the world. The final artistic print is their representation of the world through their eyes, mind, heart and creative artistic talents. The tools of the craft are a camera and a lens, but the print is result of their artistic vision.

Join us on April 5th, 2019, when John Mariana shares his specialty, “seeing and presenting the world in his own style, color palette, filled with the emotions he wants you to feel”.

Ansel Adams has said that the image taken in the field, although very reliant on proper technique, was merely the canvas from which to work his darkroom artistic magic. Digital images today are imported to Photoshop or other editing software where optimization takes place through the process of digital blending of different versions of an image and the use of completely separate images. These techniques allow the creation of truly immersive images.

This is a evening that you do not want to miss.

You can find more information about John and his work at:

John is a founding member of the Booth Photography Guild at the Booth Art Museum in Cartersville, GA and a long time member and friend of SPS.

SPS Monthly Meetings (first Friday of each month) are for its members and guests. While competition entries at these monthly meetings are restricted to currently paid-up members, we ALWAYS welcome visitors interested in photography to attend. The Learnshops (fourth Tuesday of each month) are intended for members, but again, we welcome visitors. If you attend regularly, we ask that you help support the club (which pays for the rental of the facilities, supplies, and equipment) by becoming a member!!!

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LIABILITY NOTICE: By signing up and attending a Meetup sponsored by the Southeastern Photographic Society, I acknowledge that these activities can be hazardous and that I could be injured or my property damaged. I agree that I am voluntarily participating in these activities and assume any risk of physical injury or damage to my property.
Clairmont Presbyterian Church
1994 Clairmont Rd · Decatur, GA
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