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Got Software? Get Automating!! A guide for the Beginner!!

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Got Software?? Get Testing! ...With Automation!!

A guide for the beginner: How to start up small with automation, and build up your portfolio! How to make your testing life easier!!

GUEST SPEAKER: Alan Ark, QA Manager at Compli

Alan Ark is the QA Manager at Compli, in Portland, Oregon. Alan has gained tremendous experience working for Unircu,, and Thomson Financial – First Call. Mr. Ark has previously presented ‘Euro: An Automated Solution to Currency Conversion’ at Quality Week ’99, and ‘Collaborative Quality: One Company’s Recipe for Software Success’ at PNSQC 2008 and YES! You CAN Bring Test Automation to Your Company! at PNSQC 2011. At Compli, he is using Ruby to solve problems both large and small.

His LinkedIn profile can be viewed at

SQAUG is Portland/Vancouver area’s only Software Quality Assurance User Group! We are BRAND NEW, and would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone who would like to participate in a user group dedicated to growing the Quality Assurance field.

SQAUG is made up of a group of SQA professionals who have banded together in an open forum to learn from each other through a series of interactive discussions, engaged debates, training presentations, exploring tools, and general networking and sharing of job opportunities. Our goals are to expand knowledge about Software Quality to all professionals who are passionate about their careers, and take Software Quality seriously.

2055 NW Savier Street · Portland, OR