• Bangalore Site Reliability Engineering Meet-up

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    *** Event Agenda and Speaker info *** 10:30: Registration & Networking 10:45: Opening Keynote by Viji Nair, Senior Manager - Site Reliability Engineering at LinkedIn 11:00 AM: Tuning Espresso’s JVM Performance by Amit Balode, SRE Manager Data-Infra-Storage at LinkedIn LinkedIn member profile page is one of the most-visited pages on the site. It allows other members to learn about a member's professional identity, experiences and interests. It’s crucial to make sure that profile views return as fast as possible. In this talk, we’ll briefly describe our garbage collection performance issues at the data routing layer during peak traffic, followed by our motivations to moving from the CMS collector to the G1 collector for scaling profile views. 11:40 AM: Performance modeling and analysis of SSD @ LinkedIn by Kiran Chand, SRE Data-Infra-Storage at LinkedIn Solid State Storage Drives (SSDs) are replacing Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) in many Enterprise and Client applications due to their increased performance. In this talk we will cover how we interpreted and evaluated different SSD’s which suits our application, Basics about different SSD cards available in the market, What are the different metrics we have collected to analyze its' performance Different workloads we have generated for identifying the limitations and throughput of different SSD cards etc. 12:20 PM: One click deployment using Rundeck - Sai Kothapalle, BlueJeans 1:00 PM: ----- LUNCH & NETWORKING ----- 2:00 PM: Contious Integration By Nandakishore Saboo, Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn Continuous Integration, CI is well known concept in software development for a long time. Yet many of engineers are not aware of the intricacies of setting up a complete end-end CI environment. We, DevOps engineers, need to embrace the power of continuous integration to operate on "Move fast with stability" era. In this talk, we will introduce the listeners on “How to run a continuous integration environment that scales well for a startup to established enterprises?”. Listeners will get to know the power of “Jenkins, CI tool”, that helps them to setup the envisioned CI environment. Listeners will also be introduced to advanced configuration of Jenkins that helps in doing cool Stuff 2:40 PM: Scaling the backbone of LinkedIn infrastructure CFEngine by Soumyadip Das Mahapatra, Systems Engineer at LinkedIn This talk is more about learning from the past experiences, using automation to address the shortcomings of automation itself i.e the hacks and tools we internally developed to manage CFEngine in the ever-growing infra. 3:15 PM: ----- Tea & Networking -----