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THIS MEETUP SITE IS NOT OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, but open to select members of Sacramento Sea Kayakers ("SSK") who are active as Event Organizers -also called by SSK: "Trip Initiators" or "Event Initiators". The primary SSK site is: http://www.meetup.com/Sacramento-Sea-Kayakers/

THIS SITE IS FOR learning and practicing how to use the Meetup software for publishing and editing events.

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Who We Are & What We Do:

Sacramento Sea Kayakers is a non-profit organization that is organized collectively by its members. Members range from beginners to professionals, and own all types of paddling craft. We paddle all types of bodies of water including lakes, rivers, bays, and ocean. Recreational kayaks and entry level skills are sufficient for many of the club's events, but some events necessitate specific skills and equipment. Our paddles offer lots of fun practice opportunities for "new to paddling" and intermediate flat water paddlers. Motivated kayakers will find ample opportunities to ramp up their skills through our skill clinics and advanced paddles, which when combined with some formal training, and lots of fun practice will help paddlers transition into being comfortable on the bay and ocean.

All dues and fees received are used to pay for things as determined by the Members, such as free or reduced camping, meals, skills clinics, classes and parties, etc. We avoid commercial or political interests, but to enhance the sport of kayaking we do make some exceptions.

Mission Statement:

Sacramento Sea Kayakers Paddling Club (SSKPC / SSK) promotes kayaking in a safe and responsible manner, while making new friendships with a common interest. We kayak year round and encourage paddlers to expand their skills through training with professional ACA (http://www.americancanoe.org/)& BCU (http://www.bcu.org.uk/) instructors, and joining us on our paddles to practice and refine those skills.

Monthly Public Meetings:

The club has Monthly Educational Meetings that are open to the public. These usually occur the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6p.m. at a location posted on the Meet-up site. These meetings provide great opportunities for paddlers (club members and the public alike) to socialize and learn more about kayaking. These meetings are also a great way for new and prospective members to learn about the club and meet other members.

Joining Sacramento Sea Kayakers:

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to anyone. We have no secret hand shakes or initiation protocols but to participate in our paddles, membership is required, and becoming a member is pretty easy to do. When you click the "Join Us!" button to join our group, PLEASE enter your FIRST NAME and the initial letter of your LAST NAME. We are real people, who do real things, and have real friendships, so we use our real names. We also want to be able to recognize you, and you us, so our second basic requirement for membership is a recognizable picture of you.

Third, before joining any on-the-water events, you must agree to the club's Liability Waiver (https://www.meetup.com/SSK-MUTT/pages/22251102/Liability_Waiver/). Trip initiators bring this document to paddling events for your signature as well as to collect your emergency contact information.

The fourth and last basic requirement for membership is is that you pay membership dues of $15 per person per year. To pay your dues click the "Pay Online" button in the left hand column. A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS NOT REQUIRED, YOU MAY PAY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD.

We do not have a family rate, or provide refunds.

Event Organizers / Trip Initiators Are Not Guides:

Although Meetup uses the term "Event Organizer", Sacramento Sea Kayakers prefers the term "Trip Initiator". Sacramento Sea Kayakers does cooperative, non-guided, trips. Trip initiators are no more responsible for the safety of others than anyone else in the group. If you need or desire a guide, hire a professional through a commercial outfitter.

Each and every meetup participant is responsible for his/her own safety. Use your own judgement. Never blindly follow anyone into a situation you are unsure about.

On trips be prepared to take care of yourself. This does not mean that the other members of the group won't assist anyone who needs it, but such assistance should never be taken for granted, especially in difficult conditions. Be aware that, despite all good intentions, there is always a real possibility of being separated from the group. It is up to each and every participant to know the trip agenda. Approach each trip as if you were initiating and planning it yourself. Trip initiators are members of the club just like everyone else. Some may have more experience than you, while others may not. They are not professionals; don't be over-reliant on them.

Although trip initiators are not responsible for evaluating participants' kayaking abilities, they have the right to eliminate anyone who they feel is not prepared with the adequate skills or equipment for a particular trip. Trip initiators can organize (or not organize) the trip any way he or she wants. Get to know your trip initiator(s) and feel free to talk to him/her beforehand to find out how the trip is to be structured.

Becoming an Event Organizer / Trip Initiator

Any MEMBER who follows SSK Trip Initiator Guidelines (which are contained within the below form) is eligible to be an Event Organizer / Trip Initiator. If you would like to plan and post trips for our club, you are encouraged to complete the SSK Trip Initiator Guidelines (http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/s8w549R575xt) form! We want as many Members as possible to initiate trips.

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