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Shopify is one of the top 10 online e-commerce platforms for various reasons: easy to use and set up. Wizard driven tools to build and create pages. What you don't get is an executive suite of SEO tools (future classes)

If you are interested in a Shopify online store and: bought a domain, or need one (use GoDaddy), or if you started your Shopify Store and need FREE guidance, this group is for you. If you are already online and are stuck with the Shopify Menu's and features, we can help you with a Quick Tutorial (2x 2-3 hour sessions), please send a private message. Meet Ups will be open group overviews and should get you going quickly.

Cost of the meet up is to cover location (usually a donation or group TIP).

What you can expect in this meet up group:

After your 3rd meeting, you will have seen and been walked thru the Shopify platform from a begginers level. You will get an overview of the top half of your management page and know what each button does. Buttons like: HOME, ORDERS, PRODUCTS, CUSTOMERS, ANALYTICS, etc.... And Sub-Menu's like: Products: All Products, Collections..

You will also see and enjoy an entry level overview of the lower half of the management page. Buttons like: ONLINE STORE: Themes, BLOG POSTS, PAGES, NAVIGATION, DOMAINS (suggest GoDaddy), and PREFERENCES.

Meet Ups are FREE and a donation or patronizing the host establishment is all that is suggested.

If your business and website are ready for Shopify, or you have already started and would like a one-on-one tutor/mentor assitance, these services can be arranged. It can take months to figure out how the HOME, PRODUCTS, ONLINES STORE, THEMES and PAGES all interconnect. I have helped others learn how to confidently manage and grow their Shopify Stores within 2 sessions with about 2-3 hours per session. Phone Support is also available.

Thank you,

Adam Wick
Shopify IT Professional

https://www.linkedin.com/in/adamwick/ ;

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Intro meeting and basic overview of Shopify

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Intro meeting and basic overview of Shopify

Healthy Hemp Outlet

Intro meeting and basic overview of Shopify

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Intro meeting and basic overview of Shopify

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