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Are you a parent of a child who does not fit the cookie cutter mold? Does your child experience anxiety, attention deficit, learning challenges or been diagnosed with a label? As a parent, does it pain you to see your child struggle each day? Do you often find yourself playing the blame game, maybe feeling grief, failure or even anger?

If you are a parent who: believes in standing up for your child, you are driven to find the most effective resources and are focused on your child’s brilliance then this is the group for you.

This group has been created with the highest of intention and for the purpose of your children feeling, hearing and seeing their brilliance. This group uplifts parents, guardians, and caregivers of children with guidance and tools for standing up for their child’s brilliance. All postings are to be judgment free, sincere and positive. Parents can come together and share resources, network and help each other along their journey with their child. This group is about empowering each other so that we continue to stand up for our children. Together we can Stand Up to empower, advocate and create the journey of success for our children. Let’s lead the way!

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Even thought this group is called "It all starts with Mom" anyone who is a parent is welcome to join. The focus of this group is the Advocate, Lead and Empower our kids to be their very best. Stay Connected for more details! Kids today face challenges at school, home or out socially. As a parent this can be worriesome or painful seeing your child struggling. This forum has been created to exhange resources, learn new tools and empower one another. The children we raise are the leaders of the world. Join us on facebook and feel free to add a parent on the same journey! www.facebook.com/groups/itallstartswithmom

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