Please arrive by car. For those that want to do lunch, we will drive up to Mt Vernon. (if the roads are open and passible). Please advise if you are going to lunch.

If you are snowed in or feel driving to the meeting would be too dangerous, just reply with the comment SNOWED IN to get a pass for the meeting. Hope to see you there but understand if you cannot.


With the closing of Colgan Powersports in Manassas, as a temporary measure, we will meet at a few different locations as we search for a new home for the chapter. Please watch for the location each month.

For the month of February and March we will meet at Coleman Powersports in Woodbridge at 09:30 am. Please note the time change to 09:30 am.

As usual the ride is weather dependent. See below for explanation.

Since we are in Woodbridge, we will head up toward the Grist Mill and Mt Vernon for lunch.

Weather Dependent: If the temperature is below 40 degrees or 50 degrees with winds, if rain or snow is expected with a greater than 50% probability, or the roads are wet or have snow or ice on them we will not ride. If, while we are riding, rain or snow threatens we may cut our ride short and return to head home.