Building Highly Performant Animation in Elm

Public group

Every 1st Monday of the month

Daugherty Business Solutions

3 Cityplace Drive · SAINT LOUIS, mo

How to find us

Parking is free in any of the non-reserved spots in the garages next to the City Place 3 building. Please come in through the front of the building and make your way to the 11th floor. Signs will be posted with directions to the meetup from there.

Location image of event venue


Come join us to learn Elm! Beginners welcome!

We will provide foods and drinks so you do not need to stress about finding food in an unfamiliar neighborhood!

Abadi Kurniawan will present a preview of his Elm Conf talk, "Building Highly Performant Animation in Elm".

Animation is fun, and if done properly can help improve user experience and increase accessibility. Writing a good and performant animation in a pure functional language like Elm can be a challenge. In this talk, I will explore 2 ideas on how to build a good API for doing animation in Elm that perform well using browser’s optimized animation engine and ports. We’ll compare each the pros and cons of each techniques. After this talk, you'll be equipped with both the tools, the confidence, and the inspiration, to build fun and cool animations in Elm. As an added bonus, you get to see some cool animations along the way :)