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Standard Operating Musical Procedures - is an amazing community of independent artists, songwriters, musicians, producers, and singers who have banned together to push the limits of their creative spirit. This organization is for all musicians to learn and grow in order to create better musical compositions.

The experience is facilitated through events on business, musical experience and social activities. Workshops for learning, hands on activities for integral experience and social experience for networking & support structures.

We are a completely inclusive organization for beginners to experienced musical creatives. No one is left out and we can learn from each other in ways that you have never dreamed of. Age, gender, culture are all things that we embrace in order to enhance our creative thinking to create a better "song" through the goals of each creative person.

As the community grows the endeavors that we embark on will grow as well. You will see more events and ambitious efforts for the group to make the musical experiences richeer


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