What we're about

This Meet up group is made for everyone who is interested in meeting other people from all over the world and make new friends among them.

The main themes of this meet up will be Anime , Games , Sport , Language and Travel .

Since everyone in the group will have the same kind of hobbies let's get hyped up together !!!

If you would grasp this change to share your hobbies with people all over the world and create good memories, maybe you will find some new best friends that you would not have met otherwise.

So please don't be shy and join us ! We are happy about everyone who is interested and would like to have some fun together。





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World Wide Anigemu Meetup /ただゲームするみーとあっぷ!

How about combining culture and hobbies to become friends and have a lot of fun !!? At this meet up you can。 Play games with everyone from all over the world! ! Play video games and board games freely as much as you want and as long as you want inside the Riddle Room Café! You can play Mario Kart and Smash Bros. You can play cards and overseas board games. And of course, you can just talk to your friends without playing games! ! You are highly welcomed to share your passion with people from all over the world who love Japanese anime and games. The entrance is completely free but you need to buy only one drink or snack to be able to play the games and support the Café. But we promise it’s going to be worth it. Their Matcha latte is the best ! 世界中のみんなとゲームをしよう!! Riddle Room というカフェでテレビゲームやボードゲームを自由にプレイします! 日本のアニメとゲームを愛する世界中の人と マリオカートやスマッシュブラザーズ、トランプ、ボードゲームなどで自由に遊んで友達になろう! カフェなのでドリンクなどは頼んでもらうことになりますが、参加費は無料です!

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meetup !!

Hudson bay centre food court

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