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Monday, May 20, 2013 at the simultaneous times of 10:00 AM Pacific Time, 11:00 AM MST Denver, 12:00 Noon CST Chicago, and 1:00 PM EST Boston.


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Jason Chicola, Founder And CEO Of Will Discuss Megatrends Of Remote Work, Labor Marketplaces Vs Crowdsourcing, And The Role Of Technology In Freelance Work


Jason Chicola, Founder & CEO, will join host, Cindy F. Solomon, on Monday, May 20, 2013 at the simultaneous times of 10:00 AM Pacific Time, 11:00 AM MST Denver, 12:00 Noon CST Chicago, and 1:00 PM EST Boston.

Participants are welcome to listen live at , call in to talk on the show (323)[masked] and to participate on Twitter by following @ProdMgmtTalk and tweeting using the hashtag #ProdMgmttalk

Jason says, "Happy to join the Global Product Management Talk community to talk about how technology has impacted the labor marketplaces and freelance workers, as well as how product management has changed over the past decade."

About Jason Chicola

Jason Chicola is founder and CEO of Rev. Prior to starting Rev, Jason was the 3rd employee at oDesk. Jason was also an investment professional with H.I.G. Capital and an associate with Globespan Capital Partners. Earlier in his career, he was a business analyst at McKinsey & Co. Jason earned BS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Rev is a services marketplace that works with the top 10 percent of freelancers, and delivers services to businesses at half the price and twice the speed of traditional vendors. Rev’s first two services are audio transcription and document translation. Unlike offerings that require businesses to coordinate projects directly with freelancers, Rev vets the workers, manages the project, and guarantees quality. Rev also develops and supports its iOS app, the Rev Voice Recorder, a free audio recording app with one-click transcription services. Rev’s mission is to build the best place for freelancers to work. Rev is headquartered in San Francisco and is funded by Globespan Capital.


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Q1 Describe the evolution of the remote work industry.
Q2 How is Rev different from other labor marketplaces?
Q3 Which companies have executed well?
Q4 How do you include workers in your product development?
Q5 How important are your customers to informing the product roadmap?
Q6 How has product management changed over the past decade?


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