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Webcast: Fostering Learning and Innovative Cultures

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Companies often struggle with the dual challenges of protecting and growing their core businesses while simultaneously exploring new directions. And quite frankly the different approaches resonate differently with different types of cultures. So, what is an innovative culture? When asked this question many people mention example companies, such as Apple or Google. Or they cite tangibles, such as casual Friday or a Ping-Pong table in the break room. And others think about an organization full of creative individuals. But perhaps the question should be worded differently, as in what are elements of innovative cultures (plural)? Yes, plural. As a manager in charge of product managers, or an executive leading different business units, how do you encourage and motivate the right types of behaviors - and the right cultures -- to achieve your goals? In this short overview session, you will examine aspects of innovative cultures from a variety of lenses, building up to the realization that you as a leader must make some important decisions.

Who Should Attend?
* Managers and directors of product management
* Strategists for business units and product families

Why Attend?
Attendees will learn
* the importance of having a learning and innovative culture
* positive and negative aspects of culture
* the concept and support requirements of corporate entrepreneurs

Participate and Win!

Participants will qualify to participate in a free drawing to win a copy of Linda's latest book, "Business Model Renewal," or a copy of the ProdBOK Guide.

About The Speaker:

Linda Gorchels is an emeritus of the executive education faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's business school in Madison, Wisconsin USA. An award-winning author, Linda received the Excellence in Thought Leadership distinction from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management for the 3rd edition of The Product Manager's Handbook, which is now in its 4th edition. This work plus her other books (The Product Manager's Field Guide, The Manager's Guide to Distribution Channels and Business Model Renewal) have been translated into multiple languages. Gorchels has provided on-site instruction for organizations such as Trane Commercial Systems, TIAA-CREF, GE Medical, Siemens, Metso Automation, Nokia (in Beijing), and J.F. Pearson (in Shanghai); she has conducted workshops in Poland and Hungary; and she has lectured in an MBA forum at Fudan University in Shanghai.


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