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SURFINGPADRE is a new nonprofit 501c3 organization inspired by St. Francis and Fr. Christian Mondor (aka "the Surfing Padre"). Our core mission is to promote the well-being of our planet and all living beings. Our first major project is not an easy one, but we have a plan to alleviate the homeless crisis in California and beyond. Our proposed plan is a sensible and practical solution with a "green" approach that provides temporary housing to the homeless. We have a prototype for portable, solar-powered, "Rescue Sheds" that can provide temporary housing in emergency situations. Our plan also includes resources to help our homeless brothers and sisters find permanent housing, as well as an incentive to learn new skills on the path to becoming self-sufficient. The date and location of our first event will depend on the response and level of interest. If you are passionate about this cause and want to make a difference, please join now!

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