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Overview of CSA Guidance on Identity Management & SecaaS IAM
Ulrich Lang, CEO, ObjectSecurity

Part 1: Overview of Domain 12 Guidance on Identity Management (Identity, Entitlements and Access): The concepts behind Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management used in traditional computing require fundamental changes in thinking when implementing a cloud environment. Domain 12 of the CSA Guidance for Cloud Computing addresses these issues by establishing three discrete functions: Identity, Entitlement, and Authorization/Access Management (IdEA). This session will provide an overview of the document and the mentioned concepts and how they fit into the broader context of Security as a Service (SecaaS).

Part 2: CSA Security as a Service (SecaaS) IAM: The CSA SecaaS Defined Categories and the just-published SecaaS Implementation guidance document provides guidance for both customers and providers of cloud-based services in the implementation of Identity, Entitlement and Authorization/Access Management (IdEA). This session will provide an overview of the documents, i.e. describe the key components of that implementation guidance and provide recommendations on how to turn the concepts embodied by IdEA into real-world solutions.


Dr. Ulrich Lang is co-founder and CEO of ObjectSecurity, with over 17 years of experience in information security. Ulrich received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (Security Group) on conceptual aspects of middleware security in 2003, after having completed a Master's Degree (M. Sc.) in Information Security from Royal Holloway College (University of London) in 1997. Ulrich is a renowned thought leader in model-driven security, access control policy, and Cloud/SOA/middleware security.

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