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Maybe you are a technical person who usually works with machines or books, but you need to do presentations from time to time. Maybe in order to move up to the managerial level, you need better public speaking skills. Maybe you hold the position of a chief or an executive in some way already, but talking to a group of people is not one of your strong suits. Whatever your reasons, if you are usually a quiet person, but you wish to be a good public speaker, then this group is for you.

We will learn effective tools to

- Improve self-confidence in public speaking
- Get rid of nervousness
- Not get tongue-tied
- Feel comfortable in front of people
- Connect and engage the audience

To accomplish the above, we'll have free weekly practices at the Silicon Valley Scientology Event Center near Hwy 101 and Shoreline in Mountain View.

ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: I used to be one of the quiet people, but now I have been helping people with communication skills at a non-profit organization for over 30 years. I'm organizing this group because I like helping people with communication and public speaking skills. To me, true communication is the most valuable thing in this universe. Feel free to call me (Pete, the group organizer) at 650-969-5262.

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Improve your relationships with communication

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How to start and maintain a good relationship is one of the most important things to learn in life.

Have you ever noticed how unhappy someone can be stuck in a bad relationship? On the other hand, have you ever seen a good relationship can bring someone a lot of happiness?

Since a relationship can bring so much meaning to a person's life, let's tackle how to start and maintain a good relationship in this meeting.

In this meeting, you will learn about

- How to know whether someone is right for you or not.
- How to evaluate how trustworthy someone is
- How to improve communication
- How to increase trust
- How to reach more understanding
- And more

How to Get Rid of Nervousness in Public Speaking in Silicon Valley

Have you noticed that you can communicate pretty well with some people but not with others? One reason is nervousness getting in your way. Chances are that if you can get rid of your nervousness, you can communicate pretty well.

In this meeting, we'll learn a tool to help you get rid of nervousness in talking to people, even in public speaking!

This is a very useful tool to learn, and after you learn it, you can also teach others this tool to help them with communication and public speaking as well!

You will learn

- How to increase your self-confidence
- How engage and connect with the audience better
- How to be free of nervousness

If you wish, you can also consult with a communication coach for free after the meeting about your communication challenges.

Call Pete at[masked] for any questions.

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