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Calling all late 30s-40s professional, gorgeous ladies, keen to make new friends and bond (gossip!) over fabulous cocktail creations in London's varied and glamorous cocktail bars. I'm Lara, the group's organiser, I live and work in the Clapham/Balham area, so most Meetups will be in SW or central London. My aim is to organise a twice monthly cocktail night and I wish to keep the group small and select, with the emphasis on members making real friendships with like-minded ladies who are friendly, lively, reliable and who meet reasonably regularly. I'm afraid I will operate a no tolerance policy with regard to late cancellations, no-shows etc. The older age criteria is not designed to exclude or offend, but there are so many Meetup groups for younger ladies and I found myself looking for a group which reflected my age and my love of nights out in glamorous, elegant, upmarket bars/restaurants (we won't be going to pubs, clubs or festivals!) So… are you in? Well then let's get cocktail-sipping!

NB: The way I run my group is that for each Meetup event I ask ladies to put themselves on the waiting list initially to let me know that they are interested in attending. Most of my Meetups have very limited numbers due to the venues' table booking policies and so I allocate the limited places in the fairest way I can. I do not feel that giving places on a "first come" basis is particularly fair, as this can result in the same members speedily booking places on each event (and then often cancelling as the event date approaches). Instead, by using the waiting list system, I am able to prioritize members who perhaps didn't make it off the waiting list for a previous event, or new members who are keen to come to their first event… etc...

Applications without a recognisable profile photo of yourself will not be accepted. Inactive members may be deleted, they can of course apply to re-join. Members who no-show for an event will automatically be deleted from the group.

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