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Welcome to the group and to self growth after the terrible situations and circumstances we've all been through with the narcissists in our lives.

This group is co-run by Jasmin and Louise, both sufferers of narcissistic abuse by our ex-partners.

FEEDBACK : Please feel free to ask us any questions or let us know if the location/date for the meet-up won't suit you. If you attend a meet and "weren't feeling it", we'd LOVE if you sent some honest feedback. Our goal for this group is to accommodate to as many women in as many life circumstances as possible. It's a tall order! Your honest feedback will help in our my task!

COMMUNITY, LITERATURE AND COMMUNICATION: Please go to the Discussions tab (I believe not available through the meet-up app, only from your internet browser - Chrome/Explorer/Mozilla etc) and familiarise yourself with some of the listed reading material and videos.

We have a facebook group (of the same name) so please search for it and request membership. If you need a listening ear or want a distraction from life, put a post up seeing if anyone is free for a coffee!

PRIVACY: For your privacy, we recommend changing your settings on meet-up so others can't see what groups you're in or read your answers to the questions asked when joining the group. (Go to profile. Settings. Privacy settings. Then check the box in there.)

For those who do attend our meetups, please observe the rule of not disclosing what is discussed in the group with people that you know, unless you do so with no identifiers. Please don't mention anyone's names.

FEELING RESISTANCE TO COMING ALONG TO A MEETUP? Please do send us a message. One of us may be able to meet with you one on one to ease the transition into the group. If we sense that you may be a little "raw" in your journey, we will ask you to first meet up with group counsellor, Jane, or else Jasmin if she is available. Jane has generously offered group members a rate of only $60 per hour for this service. Jasmin also offers very reasonable rates.

ETHICS OF THE GROUP: This group is founded on the notion of *reciprocity, respect and community*. Jasmin and I put a lot of time, energy and effort into the running of this group and the well-being of its members and as such we expect the following:

1. that when you attend meet-ups, you will EITHER:

*bring some food to share or some wine or chocolate etc. Maybe buy another member a coffee :).

* donate a few dollars towards the $15+ per month fees that we pay to meetup (some meet-ups will have set prices),

*bring a warm attitude to others and to hearing their stories. Go into your centred place within and then bring that to meet us!

* that you will work to be aware of yourself and be present. You'll try to be aware of times you feel triggered or like you want to strongly give advice to a fellow member etc. Because often there's something within us that wants to be recognised and honoured when that happens. Please also be mindful of allowing others to speak and share their stories too.

Just bring "something" with you. ;)

2. that you will commit to changing your meet-up rsvp to "no" if at any point you decide that you are unable to attend. We completely understand that sometimes people aren't up to facing the day or don't feel like talking about the narcissist. But before the meet-up begins, please extend respect to myself, Jasmin and the rest of the group members by changing your rsvp, posting in the event or sending us a message.

If a member is a "no show" on two separate occasions, they will receive a reminder and on the third "no show", membership will be cancelled.

There are ALWAYS extenuating circumstances when one can't rsvp so if your mobile or computer is on the blink or you just forget the meet-up, that's not a problem! Don't stress. This rule is only for those who habitually "no show". Setting these minimum requirements is part of our self work of setting boundaries and holding to expectations of others.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you,

Lou & Jasmin

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