Thursday Board Game Meetup

This is a past event

4 people went


Please try to arrive before our designated start time if you can. We plan to play some short "filler" games for around 15 minutes after our designated start time so that anyone arriving slightly late will be able to participate when any games that take a longer period of time get started.

If you arrive 15 minutes beyond our start time, you are likely to encounter people who are already engrossed in a game. If you encounter this, please introduce yourselves to the host and you will be able to spectate any games that are underway or to begin playing a game at another table.

If there's a particular game that you'd like to play, feel free to bring it along, but there are likely to be more games that people want to play than there will be time to play them in. So, come with open expectations.

Please be gentle with the cards or game pieces you'll be handling. To ensure that they remain in good condition, please wash your hands before participating (especially if you've been eating food).

Cool Comics and Games in Cape Coral has graciously allowed us to meet at their shop for our game night. Their scheduled time of closing on Thursdays is 8:00pm, but they usually stay open until 10:00pm. So, the end time of our meetup is subject to whenever they have to close up shop.