What we're about

I am looking for liked minded MOMs who like to discuss SYFY, fantasy or supernatural while drinking a glass of wine or beer (whatever your preference). I don't care about politics, sewing, and anything mainstream as these things make my eyes water... I do care about the following topics:

1. When Dragon Con is coming to town?
2. Have you heard that the show Supernatural will have a Scooby Doo episode?
3. Going to Senoia to watch the Walking Dead tour groups
4. OMG... did you watch any Thor or Black Panther movies recently?
5. I think my cousin Betty might be a closet psychic! Just joking!! But if you do have a cousin Betty who is a psychic , I will think that is pretty cool.
6. Most of all... having a sense of humor is a plus

If this describes you, I would love to start a meetup group that hangs out about once a month. I believe PLAY DATES can be fun and interesting as long as the adult conversations are carefree with a little bit nonsensical. I am looking for to meeting you!!!

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SyFy Moms with Wine at a English Tavern

King George Tavern

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