What we're about


Hello everyone!

The idea is.. what if, for one night, we can indulge in the pleasures of life..? forgetting about usual commitments and expectations and diets etc?

...what happens on the boat stays on the boat.

What I would like to propose in these events is a social life a bit out of ordinary. A selection between men and women to keep balance will be performed. In particular, there will be on-board sinning products such as:

Whipped Cream.. Of course accompanied to special beverages. No classics.

Different games also will be proposed:

- Card Games
- Bottle Game
- Would you rather
- Etc.

The whole Idea of this meetup is to.. share secrets and passions, without being or without feeling to be judged. So come with open minds, open to share secrets.. open to deep dive in personal conversations.. open to follow game rules..

...escape your usual life for a night All the following Men/Women are welcome:

- 21+

- Open Minded

- Open Minded (Again)

- Want to relax escaping usual commitments and stresses

- Playful mentality

- Social and conversationalist

- Relaxed and willing to chill for a night

- Able to keep secrets :)

Only one simple general rule: anything that is said on the boat stays on the boat (secrets of the boats, stay on the boat)

Hope to see you numerous at the events we will be hosting :)

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