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Poker Tournament with "Show 'em" chip and bounty chip ($25) + Cash game

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Poker Tournament with "Show 'em" chip and bounty chip ($25) + Cash game

How much: $20 + $5 bounty

When: Friday, Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m.

Every player will get a "Show 'em" chip. Players are free to use at any point during the game except at final table of four players. This is how it works: Think another player is bluffing? Is it driving you crazy to know what someone had after you fold? Well, you can use the chip to ask another player to show his or her cards after the hand is over. You must make the request before the next hand is dealt. All you have to do is say “show ‘em” or toss chip onto table. Obviously, if you're eliminated and you still have the chip, it cannot be used. Remember, if you make the final four table and still have the chip, it must be surrendered.

Bring some food, snack or drinks to share. I'll also have some snacks to share with you. Hope you can make it.

Number of players: 23 (21 seated, two alternates. We'll see how attendance is at the start of tourney. I might also invite an extra guest to fill in if people do not attend.)

Tourney winning’s breakdown: First - 50% Second - 30% Third -20%
(Final players will have discretion of splitting pot as they see fit.)

20 min per round

You all start with 10,000 chips

Here are blind levels: 25/50 | 50/100 | 75/150 | 100/200 | 200/400 | 300/600 | 400/800 | 500/1000 | 600/1200 | 800/1600 | 1000/2000 | 1500/3000 |2000/4000 | 2500/5000 | 3000/6000 | 4000/8000 | 5000/10000.

Don’t forget to stay for cash game!

$5 Cash game; 5 cent/10 cent as players become available during tourney.

Notes: Cash game will begin once players are available during tournament. Please stick around to play. Please email me if you have any suggestions. Details of this tournament/cash game subject to minor changes.