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Who Are We? Adventure club themed hikes is the best way to meet and connect with Sacramento adventurers who love life and the outdoors.

What Makes Us Different? Professionally guided themed hiking tours through California's greatest trails. What is a themed hike? Here are some examples of what we have planned for you:

• Brews and Views / Wine Tasting On The Beach

• Yoga On The Mountain

• Trail Running Boot Camp

• Full Moon Beach Campfire & S'mores

• Pirate Treasure Hunt

• Wildlife Photography

• Wilderness Survival & Bush-craft Skills Training

• And Much More!

This group doesn't work without you, if you have a theme or idea for an adventure you would like to see in action, please send us a message!

Who is Adventure Club for? Adventurer's from all walks of life looking to explore, learn, grow, make friends and have fun! Our hikes are lead by professional guides, who know the hidden gems and history of California's finest trails.

Want the best outdoor experiences of your life? Join Adventure Club now!

Upcoming events (3)

Cryo Therapy Adventure: Freeze That FAT!!

2430 K St

LETS KILL THAT BODY FAT!!! We are going to be lookin fantab this holiday season! Space is limited and meet up groups Sacramento Singles Adventures, Bucket of Adventures and Sacramento Singles will be attending. To have this be a group event where we would be scheduled on the same day and right after each other you would either Venmo or Pay Pal me the $100 (nonrefundable). For those who can't make it on August 1st another date even in July can be scheduled. "A single treatment consists of one body area. A treatment lasts approximately 26-40 minutes, depending on the area. Once you pay I will ask you what time on this day you want to come. Treatment areas include: Legs: both legs, full leg (front and back) Arms: both arms, full arm (front and back) Stomach: breasts cannot receive treatment Back: full back Buttocks Destroy fat and lose inches - all in 50 minutes. During a Cool Cyro Sculptin/CryoSlimming treatment, the skin is warmed then rapidly cooled. When your fat cells freeze, they die in a process called cryolipolysis. Yet, unlike dieting alone that only shrinks fat cells, cold therapy kills them. Your body will then excrete them from your body. This is a natural Liposuction. So, if you are trying to get your body ready for the beach, slim down for your wedding or reunion, or just want to get ride of those pesky problem areas, CryoTherapy is a great natural solution! This process is very similar to other therapies like "Cool Sculpting" without the side effects." Here is a video that will help explain what Cyro Therapy is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3bbTtchP28&feature=emb_logo

Fall Colors Yosemite: 4 days/3 nights Camping. Get out and have safe fun

Yosemite is that amazing place you want to go but have not yet. You have heard it's amazing but you did not want to go on your own and none of your friends were willing to join you or be adventurous. & you have not been able to get out for a while too! & you want to get out and be safe! Camping is a very safe activity as we are outdoors and with distance & you have always want to try camping!!! This event is perfect for the First Timer or Beginner camper or you have been and can't wait to go again For this and many other reasons: This is the event for you!! Of course Yosemite is a massive place and there is always More To Explore. Yosemite is an entirely different park in each season. We are heading there for Fall. The Fall Colors will be in full force. Totally different from Spring, Summer or Winter. This is Fri, Sat, Sun nights and depart Mon. OR you can do a Fri and Sat, depart on Sun if you wish. Sat AM we will assemble and break into groups of where to go, and what to do. There will be Easy, Medium and Hard options. The Easy folks will be doing all the best spots. The Medium will do some medium hikes. The Hard folks will have several more challenging hikes to choose from and head out. Let's do some orienteering to get you a lay of the land. Yosemite is GIANT. For lack of a better breakdown . . it is 4 distinct areas, and you can easily spend a day doing each. *Yosemite Valley *Tolumne Meadows/Tenaya Lake/Tioga Pass *Glacier Point Road *Southern Yosemite/Wawona/Giant Redwoods What you miss doing one day . . . you have the next days. There is no need for FOMO. This event is meant to be more like a buffet where we lay out options so you do more of what you wish in the order and way that works best for you. What kind of camping is this? Answer: This is Tent Camping. Cars will be parked steps away outside our site. Our site has flush toilets, free showers and outdoor wash-stations. There are grills, if you don't want to use your stove, and to cook over wood. It is a mix of shade and open area. Plenty of fire-pits we can divide among several to keep distance. The site has an outdoor heated pool we can use, as well as a convenience store with anything you forgot. As far as campsite it's much nicer than most. Hey . . . what about the Apocalypse? Will we be safe? We will have full Covid precautions in place. The general idea is to break all areas of transmission. We have an ENTIRE large and private site where we will be able to maintain distance as needed. Masks and coverings as needed. Outdoor wash station. Food handling and food storage protocols. All safety requirements by the state and local will be in place. We will cut in half our total size and thus have half as many people as pre-pandemic in our large space. Don't delay. Don't wait. Yosemite is everyone's favorite and it is difficult to impossible to secure sites, and especially now. This is on your bucket list. Time to mark it off. Payment is the ONLY way to save your place. So do not delay 4 Days/3 nights. $120 per Person https://py.pl/RBW1a7YNQT 3 Days/2 nights. $110 per Person https://py.pl/Awfx37Pjj4c If you are x2 or x3. Just do the transaction a second or third. Or contact for a custom link. 17 and under $50 per (contact for link) SECURE YOUR SPACE BY August 31st!!! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. With the NEW covid measures in the park . . . they are LIMITING ENTRY NUMBERS. YOU MUST BUY THIS IN ADVANCE!!!! ONLY go on sale on Sept 1st The Passes are good for 7 days. Get for Oct 16 or 17 Here is the link https://www.recreation.gov/ticket/facility/300015 We do have other fun events planned. Our events do always fill as we offer quality, value and safety. Our sites are private and with better amenities We curate our events with activities and good decent social. Most of all . . .in this time we also provide strict Covid safety protocols. The main place hosting and with mots all the rsvp's. https://www.meetup.com/MoreToExplore/events/272608241/

The Amazing Race Adventure!

California Family Fitness

READY, SET & GO!!!! Get pumped up agents for an adventure you won’t forget! No one is left behind yet one agent always wins. You don't need a partner to participate in the amazing race. Using clues I provide, you will complete a task. The first agent to complete the task wins a prize. When the task is completed you will learn of your next location. The prizes will be fantabulous. You can win cash, gift cards, and prizes such as electronics. At the end we will have a shaded picnic lunch at a location which you will naturally race towards. Where you ask? Well you will have to just wait and see. Hee! The drive from the start to the end of the race is about 20 minutes depending on traffic. The race is not on the road but at the locations. Remember to follow traffic laws. The cost to enter the race is $10 dollars (nonrefundable) which you can pay me through Pay Pal or Venmo. The $10 dollars will cover the cost of the prizes and also the time I have spent putting this together. Once you RSVP send me a message letting me know if you want to pay through Pay Pal or Venmo. This will save me time in messaging you and asking you how you want to pay. This event will happen regardless of rain, shine, floods, earthquakes and whatever natural disasters There will be other meet up groups joining us so this will be a blast! Below is a music to get you in the mental mood of racing and winning. Good luck and see you at the starting line. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Us60qtZ7M

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