What we're about

Free To Learn is an independent Agile Learning Community for self-directed learners K-12, open 9am-4pm Tuesdays & Wednesdays (Starting Sept 2018 we'll be open 5 days a week!) Our kids love learning, because they design their own education and they’re set up to thrive.

Any of this familiar?

– Homework battles?
– Your child struggles to focus?
– Feeling like education isn’t actually educating?
– Worried your child won’t be prepared for the future?
– Your child’s love for learning has become extinguished?
– If any of this rings true, your child is failing to thrive.

Don’t let your child waste the best years of their life!

Dreaming your child...

Do you dream your child becomes independent, motivated, passionate and creative? Do you hope they can help create a better world?
– Independence: we provide space to practice self-direction.
– Motivation: we support them as they pursue their interests.
– Passion: we aid them as they explore what they love.
– Creativity: we assist them as they design their education.
– Creating a better world: we help them get started now.We empower your child to love learning. Let’s get started now!



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