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The Freethought Roundtable is an open forum for the discussion of the diverse and often contentious topics of God(s), Religion, and Disbelief. These issues are inextricably linked to philosophy, history, society and the human condition generally. And, as such, are agreed on all hands to make for profoundly important and interesting discussions.

The Freethought Roundtable is meant to allow people to speak their minds freely and enjoy a lively discussion among friends, following reason where it leads while categorically eschewing notions of dogma and enforced beliefs; Think of it as Book Club without the book ;-). While sponsored by SacFAN, the Roundtable is open to both theistic and non-theistic participants.

The conversation is meant to be informal and free to follow any vibrant train of thought, although there will be a topic chosen beforehand. Selected topics will include (but are not limited to):

A History of Religious Thought
Why People Believe/Don't Believe in God(s)
The Negative Influence of Religion on Science Education
"Religion Is Not About God" - Loyal Rue and Religious Naturalism
Secular Morality - Good Without God
The Illusion of Free Will
"Reason is Larger Than Atheism"
The Place of Religion in a Modern Society
Pseudoscience and the Paranormal
What Are Atheism, Skepticism, and Humanism?
An Evolutionary Perspective on the Origins of Religions

...and hopefully other topics if interest is shown.

While no expert on a specific topic is likely to be present at a Roundtable event, we should certainly get a feel for the prevailing opinions and ideas on these critical topics. I have found that the best discussions are those featuring mutual respect and consideration for all of the participants. I deeply enjoy a good conversation, and discussions involving religion (or its absence) never seem to disappoint.

The events will be held on the third Tuesday of each month, and will be in The Coffee Garden Gallery. Outside food and drinks aren't permitted, but they have a great menu so order something on your way in.


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