Sparkles of the Season @fab40


****December Birthdays****

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I’m getting calls asking for details about the Fab 40’s Christmas Lights!

~ First we will be at Hilltop Tavern Bar on Folsom Blvd near the Fab 40's. (riders can meet up a little early for a drink or two) -


The long holiday tradition of impressive light displays in the Fab 40’s is anticipated and enjoyed by so many neighbors as well as people that drive in from miles away to look at them.

Some home owners in the Fab 40’s have already started putting up their lights and and more will join the displays over the next couple weeks. By the end of next weekend the homes will be ablaze with dazzling displays.

You can drive up and down the streets (40th-49th, between J Street and Folsom Blvd.), wander at your leisure by foot or get extravagant and hire a horse-drawn carriage to enjoy the festive show the this amazing neighborhood puts on every year. Go on a weeknight an you won’t have quite as many people out at the same time or join the biggest gawking crowds possible on Christmas weekend.

Bundle up, bring your hot chocolate-hot toddies and get into the holiday spirit with another amazing year of Christmas lights!

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