Barbara Ybarra-Astrology, Emotions, and Soul Growth

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Sunday March 24th, 2019
Sylvan Community Center- Barbara Ybarra

Where is the emotional profile seen in our horoscope? How do we recognize central themes, and how does that help us? Is it possible to see the circumstances or events in our early home when we first experienced these feelings which make up our “emotional dimensions”?

This workshop presents a process for looking deeper than surface display of emotions, into the core of our emotional self. It is a process partially developed by astrologer Noel Tyl, and then extended by me for spiritual development, soul growth in this lifetime.

Together we will be looking at how the planets in fourth harmonic aspects (the conjunctions, squares and oppositions in our chart) can be seen as the building blocks for these emotional dimensions. When planets are in tension we experience feelings surrounding the original experience of it. Why? Because human emotional conflict is for soul growth – and our reason for being here!

In my book, The Emotional Dimensions of Astrology, I have pushed Noel Tyl’s ideas (further) to insist that we do not want to just correct habitual unhelpful actions, but we want to transform the original hurt in order to be creative and free. Only then will we know that these “hard” aspects are not our worst nightmare but our most treasured message.

There will be lots of hands-on practice of this process with our own charts, so PLEASE bring your charts, even if you have to go on to print one out!
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Price at the door: $20 NCGR members, $30 non-members

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Astrologer Barbara Ybarra is a graduate of the Noel Tyl Master’s course, and has been studying and playing with astrology since her early teens. She has several times been a guest on the local Sacramento television show Paranormal Connection, and has participated for several years on a metaphysical panel for the Sacramento Mystery Writers club. She has worked at psychic fairs, and holds consultations via skype or phone. When not busy with astrology, Barbara loves to spend time with her family, and get outdoors as much as possible, particularly to view the night sky.