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Second Saturday Multi-Belief Discussions
Whose Science? Many cultures and sub-cultures lay claim to science, both for its origin and the support of its findings. Several spokespeople even assert their worldview uniquely is required for science to function. But what is science? What qualifies or disqualifies something as being scientific? Does science, or the scientific method, have a clear origin we can trace it back to or several origins? And how dependent were those origins on the cultures around them? Did they arise naturally from them or despite them? Does the modern scientific method owe its existence to other worldviews or its own utility? How about its allegiance? And what would any of that mean to us in the modern day? (Note: Yes, there's no November meeting tomorrow due to life. Cheers.) Whether driven or curious, add your voice to the medley. We're a mix of people with a mix of worldviews, and looking for even more diversity as we engage in exploratory discussions! Multi-Belief Discussions, where we freely disagree.

Bayside Church

8211 Sierra College Blvd · Roseville, CA

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    The mission statement of this group is "Helping local believers and non-believers foster understanding and conversation in seeking truth."

    This meetup is for organizing events geared around discussions that explore the nature of belief in a civil and polite way. The members of the meetup may believe in any religion or philosophy or may be atheist. If you are up for this exploration of yourself, please join us.

    Remember that our individual behavior reflects on our community, so I would like to request that everyone be polite and not aggressive. It is OK to ask questions of the other members and ask questions at our meetings, but being respectful is critical to the success of our mission.

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