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We are a diverse bicycling club offering rides almost every day of the year. Routes range from easy bike trails to hill climbing. The focus is on recreational cycling and touring. Our many rides can meet your needs from beginning to ride with a group to tackling the steep Sierra foothills. Most rides are "swept," meaning the ride leader follows all other riders to help with any problems. We often enjoy coffee shops for refueling.

Recent tours have been in Monterey, Lake Almanor, Marin, Halfmoon Bay, and the Gold Country, down the Pacific Coast, Death Valley, and Las Vegas. Occasionally, we get further away like to Yosemite, Crater Lake, or the San Juan Islands.

We are proud to be the "home" of the popular Party Pardee Century! The Bike Hikers have been around for 50 years and remain one of the most active bicycle clubs in the area. Non-members are welcome to attend. Extra events during the year include the Annual Banquet, the Picnic Ride, the Fall Soup Ride, and the Holiday Potluck.

Come and Join Us ...

Please note that the listed "Start Time" is when we start riding, so arrive earlier and be ready to ride at that time!

Helmets are required on all rides. Also required: spare tube and/or patch kit, pump, and lights/reflectors on night rides. Recommended: Basic tools, first aid kit, filled water bottle, snack, money, and identification.

Explore our website for additional information about the club (http://www.bikehikers.com/)


Three factors make up the ease or difficulty of a ride – not counting such chance factors as traffic, road conditions, and weather. These factors are important considerations for riders when selecting rides in which to participate. No rider will knowingly be left behind alone. However, riders should NOT sign up for rides beyond their ability. “Biting off more than you can chew” can result in discouragement or sore muscles, and invites accidents.

Terrain Elevation - Represented by an alpha letter

A - Steep - Mostly steep grades: strong riders only

B - Steep/Moderate - Some relief from steep grades

C - Moderate - Hilly; a challenge for the average rider

D - Moderate/Easy - Rolling hills, a challenge for beginners

E - Easy - Some gentle grades, but no problems

F - Flat - If any route is really flat

Distance - Represented by the actual number of miles

Pace - Will range in ‘miles per hour’ between about 12 mph on easy short distance rides to 20+ mph on hard long distance rides. Generally, the pace increases as the difficulty (steepness and distance) of the ride increases. Riders tend to increase their pace as they gain experience, fitness, and are challenged by difficulty. Beginners and novices are strongly advised to select easy and short distance rides to start with, and progress up the grading scale with experience and capability.

Upcoming events (2)

T.G.I.F. Coffee Ride
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Gold River Town Center

Date: Fri, Jan 13, 2017 Title: T.G.I.F. Coffee Ride Time: 9:00 AM Grade: D30+ Description: Thank Goodness it's Friday! Time for a week's end spin in search of coffee and goodies! Location: Meet at Gold River Town Center (See Ride List for directions). Ride Leader(s): Dave Abbott[masked]

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Coffee Ride to Cafe Dantorels w/Becky F33

Five Points Shopping Center

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